Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little side of the road exploration- Granite Mountains- Mojave National Preserve- in pictures.

During my recent three day weekend, I decided to drive out to the preserve
via Interstate 40 and got off on Kelbaker Road, with the plan being to drive
to Kelso Depot and then through Cima and on to Nipton, and from there to
my hotel in Jean, Nevada.

Along the way to Kelso, I stopped along side the road and decided to try to
hike over to the base of the Granite Mountains, which did not look that far away
from me. It was an enjoyable hike but one not completed as I came to an
impassable ravine area filled with boulders and thorns, which forced me to
come back to the road. Here are a few photographs of this short visit.
021311mnptrip 020

Here I was close to the road. Those telephone poles run alongside a dirt road.
021311mnptrip 022

I never did make it to those jumbled rock hills.
021311mnptrip 023

021311mnptrip 027

Good thing Harry Reid or his son didn’t find this juniper, if this was Nevada, it might get fed into the
masticator to supposedly produce GREEN ENERGY. By the way, I am not kidding about this.
021311mnptrip 029

I love showing you guys these photos, I just wish I could convince ONE of you to visit the preserve,
and give the theme parks a rest, just for a day. You can not believe how peaceful it was out there.
021311mnptrip 031

Around the corner, this wash got pretty hard to get through. Note how lush and varied the plants are.
021311mnptrip 034

Long may this old King Juniper reign over his hillside. The next photo shows what appear to be
steps in the hillside, but are in fact old roots coming out sideways from this majestic juniper.
021311mnptrip 036

021311mnptrip 039

Old times not forgotten.
021311mnptrip 042

I wish you could have been here, this picture is missing a few friends hiking together taking in the beauty
of the Granite Mountains, Mojave National Preserve.
021311mnptrip 040

This picture shows the ways that nature will go in protecting itself, you have to be very careful when you
hike in the desert. I was walking along swinging my arms and my left forearm was raked by an old thorny
bush drawing blood like where a big cat swiped at me. That just fired me up to keep going for a while
021311mnptrip 038

Folks, that’s all I have for you today. Hopefully you enjoyed looking
at these photographs. It is hard to believe, I know, but these were all
taken within a half mile of my car. Once I got out of sight of the road,
it was like travelling back in time to a long gone era, I kept expecting
to hear the stage coach coming, or maybe that was my wishful thinking.

Once again, thank you for visiting with me out on the backporch. Maybe
next time we’ll have a little longer to visit, and I’ll put the coffee pot on.
Coffee so strong it’ll grow hair on your chest.

Until that time, feel free to search through the archives here. Those of you
from other lands, don’t forget the backporch translator to the left, which can
render this site into over 40 different languages.

And as always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated by this blogger.