Saturday, February 5, 2011

Motivating bus drivers and other matters @ the backporch.


Now this will get your motor running, guaranteed!

A little news from the backporch. I am working on a couple of posts that
I believe will interest a few of you. One is about the trip report from the
Mojave Preserve from our friend at Click on that link for his
latest adventure bicycle camping along historic California Route 66.

Another post is on the alarming developments going on about the future of
our forests here and elsewhere. One new thing happening will send chills
down your spine when you read it, that is if you like the idea of preserving
what forests we have left in these times of hard economic choices.

On a personal note, since I finish up at 1530 this afternoon, I am thinking hard about making a run to the Mojave National Preserve tonight or in the morning.
That will depend on much luggage I have to toss around today.

Well I guess if I don’t get back to work, they’ll fire me, so later on,folks.