Monday, February 14, 2011

Photographs from Ivanpah SEGS site/Bechtel available. Taken yesterday 02/13/2011.

I took about 46 pictures with my Nikon and all are available for any usage
without any interest being held by me over at my file site. Download any
or all, as the saying goes, read them and weep. Some of the photos are
a little blurred, about 3; they are unedited, straight out of the camera.

Here is a little sample, the first pic was looking out my left car window, the
next looking to my right. I believe that road is the one leading to where the
activist camp site was, where the event was held. These 2 photos will show
my copyright but are still available for any and all usage.
021311mnptrip 094

Pretty ominous sight.
021311mnptrip 097

It appears they have paved that road, I thought it was a dirt road.
There has been a major change in one respect, see below.
021311mnptrip 099

The road is now wide enough for 2 earthmovers to pass it each other and
is a very smooth and hard packed dirt road now.

Here is a last photograph showing that so far, they haven’t ripped into the
main site yet, at least I didn’t see it.
021311mnptrip 064
Looking over at the sacred metamorphic hill, note tortoise fencing.

Here is the link again to the site where all these photos can be down-

Folks, no use beating a dead horse here today. I have made my feelings
abundantly clear about this project many times here on this blog. Suffice
it to say, I am still adamantly opposed to the B.S. project.

This trip is about a chance for this blogger to escape the big city and reconnect
with the Mojave National Preserve, as well as visit a couple other places, including a return to the Ivanpah site.

Today I am still undecided on going back to Teutonia Peak and the Mojave
Cross site, or back to Camp Rock Springs and the Rock House.

Maybe I will see both.

Stay tuned, there will be a trip report soon.

I will leave you with this shot taken near the Granite Mountains yesterday.
021311mnptrip 022

If this doesn’t make you want to save your desert wilderness, nothing

Your comments are welcomed here at the backporch.


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