Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are many, many more of these along this road.

021311mnptrip 002

At least 35 or so more if my memory is correct, two spots within close
sight of each other have 3 or 4 crosses each.

In this Valentine’s eve, can we find it within ourselves to say a prayer
and remembrance for their lives, even though we know nothing about

I am thinking of the Annie Lennox song right now, “No more I love you’s.”
I love you” is a phrase they won’t hear again until after the Judgement Day.
But their memories live on among the family and friends left behind, whose
own lives would never be the same thereafter.

This photograph was taken on Ft. Irwin Road near Barstow. The 31 mile long road while in great shape, graded, smooth- nonetheless has been the scene of automobile carnage for decades.

Who knows what story is behind these two simple crosses by the roadside
for an event that occurred almost 20 years ago, one that snuffed out these
two lives.

I just felt that these crosses representing lives and loves once experienced
should not be forgotten.

Vaya con dios, my friends.