Sunday, March 20, 2011

Does “bombing them back to the Stone Ages” always have to be the “solution” to a problem?

Good thing I don’t watch too much television, or else I would probably
yank out the little bit of hair I have left since we are now back to the endless, breathless reporting from the mainstream media shills about the newest, latest air war, which somehow may morph into the newest, latest ground war, something this country seems to do a lot of lately.

Of course what won’t get reported will be the many civilians that will get blown
to kingdom come in this latest atrocity in the making.

I note with interest, the blow dried, empty headed “news reporters and pundits”
parroting the old line about the “megalomaniac Khadaffi”- not long ago these
same assholes were talking about he had changed, and had joined the responsible world leadership- just listen to these jackasses now, piling on
with the rest, while at the same time the arms salesmen  talking heads go on
and on about the latest and greatest weaponry being brought to bear on the
Libyan government forces.

At the risk of offending some, why the f--- are we just bombing Libya? Why not
Yemen also? Where is the outrage in our government and others over the Yemeni sharpshooters and snipers killing 40 or so protestors, shooting them in
the head and chest, some shot were children, I say again, where is the outrage?

Perhaps as some have suggested, maybe oil is the reason? I don’t know, perhaps.

Of course, if we are imperialists looking to snatch up all the oil in Iraq as an
example, we have to be the stupidest, dumbest empire in the whole history of empires in this planet’s history, because we sure as hell haven’t received a damn thing but a whole lot of coffins coming home to Dover Air Force base.

Look here folks, I am no strategist, but even I know that we missed our chance
from the very beginning with this Arab freedom uprising, we should have been supporting the freedom fighters from the beginning, but since we loved their dictators so much, we, as a nation, chose to stand by and see what would happen. The train of history left the station, without us.

And now, we are bombing the shit out of another Arab country.

I believe we will rue ever getting involved with this mission. I believe Arab
street opinion will change overnight about the west, once the images come out again, another Arab nation suffering more civilian casualties
from bombings and missile, more wailing people mourning loved ones
deaths and nobody really giving a damn about it in the west.

There is a historical reason for the west being called Crusaders after all. That
phrase resonates in that part of the world today still, hundreds of years after the fact.

Just so we are clear, I am standing firmly with the people over there in Libya.
Standing with the average person on the street, the one who will suffer the
most, no matter what else happens or who ever ends up in charge there. I have read about and listened to knowledgeable folks who say that the rebels have the capability to do their own training and can handle their defense. If the outside countries were so concerned, as far as I know, we still have a whole
bunch of Stinger portable missiles, shoulder fired by amateurs even, which
could shoot down whatever jets and helicopters that the Colonel might throw
at them, which then would have evened up the odds a little; after all the rebels
did have the Colonel’s forces on the run for awhile, if I recall.

Nah, the west decided they have to go in, our president can now act and talk
tough (like Bush in Iraq), just like with his war in Afghanistan, a war he did campaign on, AND KNOWING THAT, I and other liberals, still voted for him, all these leaders including those in the Arab League, who made the invitation, giving political cover to the west, now belatedly call for restraint as the bombs drop, all of them now can act macho, while the average Abdul and Fatima get bombed back to the Stone Age.

The never ending hypocrisy and self serving policies just will not stop it seems. Here we have the west, especially Britain and America, in the worst
economic situation seen since the 1930’s and our answer to all of our problems
seems to be: bombs, bullets, missiles, raining death down from the skies
like Zeus hurling thunderbolts of old Greek mythology…………………
and which cost lots and lots of money that we will have to borrow from foreigners to pay for. This does not compute, people!

But this is real,folks, no myth, I guar- damn- tee before this is over
that a whole of dying is gonna happen, a whole lotta misery is gonna rain
down on more brown people,  not that it will matter a tinkers damn to folks in the so called “first world” who are too busy watching T&A on their computers or tv’s to notice the horror beginning for the little guys, the shopkeepers, the normal family people, in far away Libya.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” an ancient Greek said.

At least in those times, they fought face to face, and not from some computer
screen in Nevada, where you lived or died in the moment and not virtually,
as is being done now with these cruise missile and drone and air strikes.

I have no doubts this military escapade will not end up in the way that the west
hopes it will, and that until we face up to our hubris and ask ourselves why is
killing first and talking later our seemingly only response to each and every
problem, why we have to be the world’s policeman, why we only consort with
dictators in the developing world, why we can never respect the will of the people, as in our handling of Haiti’s Aristide situation reveals- we will continue
down this path straight on to our eventual bankruptcy; morally, and financially.

What goes around comes around, they say. I truly believe that.

We are kicking ass and taking names right now, but one day that boot is gonna be on another foot, and it is going to kick our asses till our nose bleeds, you can take that to the bank. Guaranteed.


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