Saturday, March 5, 2011

Each of these 3 video’s moved me today.

While sitting in my bus off duty today, I decided to see if I could
find my favorite all- time television commercial. From 1979 I believe,
this short 29 second video has it all. Directed by Ridley Scott of
Bladerunner fame.

Share the fantasy indeed. Anyone know who played Catherine in this?

I also liked the song in this commercial. Turns out there is controversy
over whether this version is by the Ink Spots or Bobby Short. Bobby Short
did play piano. Any ideas?

I don’t want to set the world on fire by the Ink Spots.

This is not really a video per se, it is the singer’s voice with the lyrics and
a background image, something you see a lot of on Youtube. I don’t know
why, but this song really moves me, brought tears to my eyes.

White Flag by Dido.