Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally somebody with the courage to ask the president:”who the hell do you think you are?”

Like what he says or not, Minister Louis Farrakhan said it just right in this
radio interview when he blasted Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton
the other day in a radio interview.

He was commenting on the arrogance they showed in demanding that the
Libyan leader step down, among other things.

I think that regardless of what you may have heard or even feel about Minister
Farrakhan, you should definitely watch this video, to hear the other side about
what’s unfolding now thousands of miles from “The Homeland.”

Don’t be surprised if Youtube pulls this video, watch now before the corporate media orders it taken down.

Here are a couple of links related to the Libyan situation that you might find of

Minister Farrakhan is speaking out here as is his right, and censorship has
already been put in place, as you’ll note that the Youtube video was pulled on the links I cite. However I was able to obtain the video above which at least for now has not been yanked down by Youtube. Yet.

This censorship points out in vivid detail what I and others fear about the corporate takeover that is occurring on the world wide web. A contrary point of view, in opposition to the line coming out of Washington, New York, London, and other places of power, is hounded and drowned out by a chorus of corporate shills and political hacks, and the message could even be censored as is happening here. Look at this screen shot from one of the sites above,
I rest my case.
ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 21 21.49

I googled the phrase “who the hell do you think you are” and this video
is the one that came up on the first page of results over and over, and this
is what showed up every time. “This video has been removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy against spam,scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

Here is my comment on that to Youtube:
What a crock of horseshit! You guys are so full of it, it is flowing out of your ears. Why don’t you grow a set of balls, and be honest for once in your sorry lives.
end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant-end of rant

I am sick and tired of whining politically correct numbskulls hiding behind weasel words like Youtube just did. Anybody with half a brain, and just a little bit of commonsense knows that the minister is expressing his personal opinion about a political, foreign policy, and military matter as is his right under the First Amendment to our constitution, freedom of speech, and as far as I know the corporate elites and their toadies on the courts and in the government haven’t repealed that yet, and out here on the backporch, at least, the courage to express the contrary view is welcomed and applauded. Probably a minority view nowadays but you know what, I really don’t give a damn about whether anyone agrees or not, if they like it or not, and I definitely hope no one comments negatively without taking the 9 minutes to watch the video.

(It has occurred to me that Youtube will probably yank this down soon, I am going to record the audio from this video with my cell phone and will put it on my Google site for your download soon, at which point I will put the link here.)The audio is available there now.

I say right on, Minister Farrakhan, right on for speaking truth, right on for standing up for your right to speak, and in doing so, helping save our right to
speak our minds as well.

Very well said. And long overdue.

It is about time, someone with gravitas, someone with a following, finally spoke
out about this president and what he is doing in our names, against our wishes
and quite frankly, against our interests- here on Main Street.

I am going to try to figure out how to get now have a copy of this video before it is erased from the web which I will keep here, if the corporate censors don’t like it, too bad, the mood I am in- oh what the hell, what I really mean is this, let me put it simply in words even the intellectuals can understand:

The wanna be censors and political correct types can kiss my ass. I hope I made that crystal clear. I intend to keep finding news like this and to shine a light on it when I find out, if they shut me down, I’ll come back with a new site name- freedom of speech, folks, use it or lose it.


P.s. Folks I have a copy now of the video; if and when Youtube deletes the video linked to here, I will put it up on my google site with a link to where you can download it. I will keep a check on this page in case it does happen as I suspect that it will.

There is a strong possibility that I wouldn’t have commented about this as strongly as I have, had Youtube not done such a clumsy, ham-handed job
at trying to censor the man.

No way I could stand idly by and let that libel on him go unanswered, no way
in hell.