Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No matter what, you need to read this article. Right now!


Shaun over at the Mojave Desert Blog has done all desert lovers a
great service with his article in response to today’s Atlantic Monthly
article regarding the environmental movement and renewable energy
development in the deserts, especially here in southern California.

Shaun’s article is a must read and I suggest a read of the Atlantic Monthly’s
article as well.

I just got off work and have to go back at 0445 in the morning, hopefully
during my downtime during my bus driving day tomorrow, I will be able to
reread and digest all the information there.

As I wrote in a comment to Shaun’s post, this is a great article from him in
response to the “main stream media” Atlantic Monthly article.

What are you still doing here, head over to the MDB asap! Winking smile


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