Thursday, March 3, 2011

An open apology to the Smirking Chimp website and readers.

It was brought up in a recent comment made by a reader that it might
not be a “news link” to link to a post on my blog.

That never occurred to me and for that I apologize. Perhaps a better choice
would have been to place the link under a “commentary” section, if there was

I have removed the offending link plus have removed any and all links to your
site, including the blogroll link, as well as removed my 2 previous news links.

Never let it be said that the morongobill doesn’t respond to any concerns
about propriety, especially since I have reintroduced ads which, by the way,
have never paid one red cent to this blog or this blogger.

I hope this mea culpa relieves all those concerns that might have or not been
suitably expressed or vented.

As I have said before, I am just a bus driver, this is all new to me, but once
someone points out an error, I will respond quickly to address it.

And for those with any lingering doubts, the purpose of the ads is to aid the
site for now, I would love to explore the MNP in great detail, but lack funds to
do it. This would be a way to raise the funds, in return I would post trip reports.

I consider that a valid reason for ads, as a lot of people have expressed interest
in my trip reports, particularly the ones to the proposed solar sites such as

I am sure if there is a problem, someone will bring it to my attention, via email
or commenting.