Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Practice “safe computing,” use a surge protector!

I had a computer “accident” that was totally preventable and entirely my fault.

About a week ago, I plugged my laptop sans circuit protector into a loose
electric outlet, minus its’ cover plate, in the drivers lounge at the bus yard
where I work. The second I plugged it in, the laptop was running on battery,
there was a loud pop and the screen got white then black, all power out on
the unit. I waited about a minute after unplugging the power adapter for any
excess voltage buildup to dissipate, then hit the power on button with some

To my amazement, it came back on, apparently without suffering any damage,
except to the power brick which never worked again on any known good plug.

I have been kicking myself ever since, why in the heck did I plug into that
power source, without my surge protector? Laziness is the answer.

Since then I have received the new adapter from Dell which is a story for another time, which will remain untold if they don’t screw up the billing. If they do, I have a juicy story to tell complete with the chat log Winking smile

So I am back from offline, self induced he—, and look forward to posting soon here.


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