Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This can only end badly, thoughts on where our nation is heading, if certain trends continue.

I am referring to the fiscal problems facing this country at all
government levels, of course. As well as, for lack of a better word,
certain moral traits affecting our rulers and ourselves, as a people.

Speaking as a former bankrupt, now reformed- in the sense that
I now live within my means, and am pretty much aware of my bank
balance, most of the time, it seems to me that self discipline seems
to be missing from the body politic.

Don’t go thinking that I am about to go off on a tangent about one party
or the other being to blame; in this matter, I feel there is a whole bunch
of blame to go around, from high to low, from democrat to republican, and
so on.

It seems everyone has their own agenda to push, their own pet programs
that must be funded, lots of talk about ending pork and earmarks in the
capital, but when you get right down to it, no one wants to sacrifice, it’s all

The current situation in Washington is a classic. Congress passed in a
bipartisan manner a bill to keep the government running for 2 more weeks
without a shutdown, and the president signed it; my understanding
is the 2 weeks ends the day the president is to embark on a south american
tour, the leader of the “world’s greatest banana republic” visiting the former
so-called banana republics, I told you it was a classic.

The irony is that some of these countries, such as Brazil, are on an upward trajectory, while we seem to be helplessly going down in a headlong rush to the financial bottom. From my vantage point out here on the backporch, the ground is flying up at us fast, and it is doubtful that we are in for a soft landing.

Look at what’s going on, just read the news. Over 30 states are for all
intents and purposes, technically bankrupt, and you don’t even want to know
how bad off the cities and counties are. But as depressing as this news is, it’s
just as bad at the national level. Let me rephrase that; if you are poor, or a
minority, or have been out of work for a long time-you thought it has been bad,
you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Who do you think these programs and cuts are going to affect the most, the
ones that our president so willingly signed off on today? Hint, they won’t affect
the Wall Street crowd, that’s for damn sure. Nope, they are going to come right out of the “poor folks” hide, you can take that to the bank.

The morongobill is going to play fiscal doctor for the moment and write a prescription sure to outrage most. This is what I would like to see happen, and
it probably would here, if the banksters and corporate hucksters, and their lackeys and shills, like Obama, weren’t running things.

Final warning, prepare to read some bitter medicine being prescribed!

Raise the tax rates and cut deductions to those of the war years, the 1940’s.
In other words, high rate of around 90%. The rich have been skating by for years, time to pay up, no matter what Rush says. Raise all the rates across
all levels of income and also raise the level for FICA(social security) to include
all income, regardless of the source, i.e. a hedge fund manager earning a billion dollars a year, would pay it up to what he earns.

Shut down most of the overseas military bases, bring the troops home, and demobilize; if we dump the empire, why do we need such a huge military force?
If the civilians here are going to have to sacrifice, so will our citizen soldiers as

Take some of the savings and invest in infrastructure, and I mean real hard assets, replace bridges, roads, whatever needs repair, and put people to work,
especially military staff that were demobilized, as well as the folks who have
been out of work for a long time. Empty the prisons of the non-violent offenders
and get them out there working hard; if they work hard and keep their nose clean, forgive them of their trespasses, and don’t hold their past against them
forever, like the system does now.

Take the ax to obvious candidates for elimination, like this medicare prescription
drug debacle, for one example. Seniors, and soon to be seniors like me, have to realize that we must leave something for the children and grandchildren,
other than a humongous IOU.

Everyone has to realize this fact, no one is owed anything in this world. That applies to the Wall Street bankers, to the political hacks, to the average joe on the street. No one is owed anything, not in this bad fiscal time. Certain obligations, certain paid for programs, like social security, would continue, others like the billions in foreign aid, designed to prop up our friendly dictators,would have to go the way of the dinosaurs.

People, there is a fierce wind sweeping across north africa and heading in
the direction of the middle east, once it finishes tossing everything topsy- turvy
over there, it may head here. People are complacent right now, but if hard times continue, and these folks keep seeing the rich getting richer, while their
children go to bed crying from hunger, that sense of complacency will come to
a screeching halt, much quicker than the elites think.

I am sorry to say this, but none of the ideas I came up with in just a few moments thought have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing the Congress or
any state legislature. However, I do foresee the negative consequences outlined coming to pass, except only worse.

Just imagine the government finally running out of all credibility on the world
capital markets and being forced to pay “Greek” rates for our treasuries. Imagine fully 30% or more going just to service the debt, the rest going to service the military establishment and the prison/police industrial complex.
Everyone else from seniors down to babies, “screwed,blued, and tattooed” as
the old saying goes, with of course the elites making a killing, taking their
10%, getting their “beaks wet” as they used to say. And the rest of us living off
the crumbs from massa’s table.

But it isn’t just our lack of any fiscal discipline or restraint that may do us in,
our national hubris will most likely be “the feet of clay”that finally take us down
that final notch. Here is exactly what I mean.

In my opinion, we can’t continue down this path we are on forever. How long
will the world keep supplying us with the credit card; you know the one that pays for us to blow up brown folks way over on the other side of the world,
without fear of any consequences for our actions befalling on us here in “the homeland?” Who in the hell do we think we are? God’s avenging angels? This
can not continue, this stomping other people’s asses like there is no tomorrow,
all over the globe.

By now, I have probably got most of you mad enough to curse me forever, but
before you do, let me ask you to consider something, and to try to put yourselves in the shoes of the other guy. How would you feel if your beautiful
little daughter, the star in your firmament, was playing outside and got blown
to bits by an errant Predator drone missile strike?

Think about it, from the comfort of your laptop screen- I know it’s hard to imagine such a thing happening- THIS KIND OF THING IS HAPPENING ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS, WHERE

Serious as a heart attack folks, if we don’t change our fiscal and moral ways,
especially as it relates to empire, we are done for. Spiritually, morally, and soon
fiscally- dead nation walking.

Feel free to pass this on, to tell me off if you feel like it, get it off your chest-
put yourself out there on record, just like me or any other blogger.

From this day on, let’s all act like we have a dog in this hunt.



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