Monday, March 21, 2011

This picture is for the elected officials and others who have dumped this country right into history’s dustbin!

In honor of your distinguished service in running this once great country
right into the ditch, for getting us involved in wars from one side of the globe to the other, for creating the largest bill due for lack of service rendered to be
paid by our heirs, for creating widows and orphans all over the world---------

For all this and so much more, I present this photograph(thanks brother for
the pic) as an inspiration for you to look in the mirror and see if its’ message
is relevant in your particular situation.

But first, allow me to mention a few public servants who need to make it a
priority to view this photo and do some soul searching. Drumroll please.

President Obama

Former Governater Arnold

All the members of the California Energy Commission

New Sheriff in town Ken SalaZAR

The head of the BLM

Certain members of the local governing agencies who support desert destruction……

And others who may be in need of seeing this message and asking the
question, such as
this blogger for voting for our current president.

Here it is!!!!!!!!!

I feel much better now.


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