Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why I haven’t posted much on Ivanpah or the other solar sites lately.

A fair question since I posted so much about it in the first 10 months or
so of this blogs’ short existence. This post is prompted by a conversation
that I had recently with a friend and fellow blogger, Lee Murray, whose
blog can be checked out here.

As I pointed out many times here in these electronic “pages”, the fight was
ultimately destined to end up in the court system, since the state and federal
officials were hell bent on ramming these projects through, regardless of the
fiscal or environmental costs. That is where I believe 5 of the projects are
now, including Ivanpah.

Once it is in the court system, then the ball is in the lawyers hands, most of
whom for our side, are representing major environmental groups. They are
paying the legal bills and have the major say over tactics and strategy. Nobody
has a crystal ball and really has fore knowledge of how the courts will rule.
Like the old saying goes, everyone has an opinion and an- I will leave that
term out, you get the drift.

Another thing was that the fight was picked up by activists and the tactic changed to a “teach-in and camp- in” stage at the sites. Unfortunately, I worked
most weekends and never could attend one of those meetings, which would
have been an interesting experience. I am pleased to say that the tactic had
some success in educating the average person about the impending danger
the desert was facing from this “renewable energy land rush.”

Another blogger mentioned the negativity of the last year and I agree, it was
a very negative time, depressing also often, to see all these lands being eyed
for development and really not seeing too much opposition, except for a few desert activists and others, the major environmental groups seemed to be taking a “wait and see” approach, and quite frankly I didn’t see much average
citizen interest either. The other side was very crafty in wrapping themselves
in the flag and in using JOBS,JOBS,JOBS as their main talking points, with
reducing our dependence on foreign oil thrown in for good measure.
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I must confess the negativity got to me a little and when the tactics changed
to the site visits, that was a time to drop my focus on the issue. I think I write better when I am ticked off about something, but eventually it got to me and
I stopped writing about the issue.

I did not stop caring about the deserts though.

There are many fine blogs and sites dealing with the desert and desert energy
and environment issues such as Basin and Range Watch, Coyote Crossing, the  Desert Protective Council, as well as others to check out for the very latest
news and commentary. I will comment from time to time on the issue, as we
watch and see how the court issues pan out, but my focus really has shifted to
trip reports of my visits to the desert, as well as my take on issues that affect
us all.

Late addition: I almost forgot to add the Mojave Desert Blog which can be found

Note, the links at the top of the page. One is a listing of all my Ivanpah posts
up to that date, those of you coming in for that subject might check that link out, I believe I had 40 or 50 story links there related to Ivanpah and other desert
energy matters.

In the interests of making this site load quicker, I have removed some elements,
including my blogroll and followers section. I still read all the blogs and thank
everyone who followed this blog, and hope you continue to do so.