Friday, April 29, 2011

Mojave National Preserve trip pending.

That’s where I intend to be in just a few days.

I put in for 5 days off and would like to dedicate 2 or 3 days to the MNP.

Possible locations deserving of a visit, and reachable via passenger car,low slung, are:

the Castle Peaks area, drive dirt road in as far as possible, and hike rest of the way

a return to Teutonia Peak with the goal of hiking from there and across the road
and the joshua tree forest to the mountain on the cross side of the road

of course, another visit to Sunrise Rock

a hike at Globe Mine Road up toward the mountains

climbing one of the Kelso Dunes, I have never been there

a visit to the Vulcan Mine

I think that’s a nice wish list, and doubt that it is possible, because

after all, this will be a mini vacation, why set a bunch of impossible goals?

Man, I hope my vacation gets approved, I really need a break from all these people in the resort area.

One thing I need time to do is to head right over to and
see if he has already been to the destinations and see how conditions were
at the time- what’s that? You say he has already been to all the destinations?

Well, that makes my research job a little easier now, doesn’t it? Winking smile

I tell you one thing for sure. I need to get the hell out of Dodge. I need to get
away from all the cretins talking about making turtle soup out at Ivanpah, and
the morons,idiots (sorry to insult those folks) jackass apologists for big solar and wind that seem to only be able to sing a one note tune- build,build,build
which seems like a poor imitation of Sarah Palin’s “drill,baby,drill.”

I am done with the city and its’ inhabitants- I need a break!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

A comment I made over at a renewable energy site which I am crossposting here, after all I did write it.


April 28, 2011

At long last I think I have figured out Mr. Bob Wallace, through the last comments between him and Mr. Andre.
Is it possible that he works or has an equity interest in large csp plants? Could that be the reason for doing absolutely all he can to shoot down the arguments on behalf of distributed power on rooftops, and not in the desert hundreds of miles from the users?
Call me naive, but why else would he work so long and hard on behalf the BrightSource's, the First Solar's of the world, here in this forum?
Look it really is pretty simple, it's all about greed and not about green, in my opinion.
Big enviro groups working hand in hand with the industrialists and their enablers, government bureaucrats, set up this system and got in place, with the desert painted with a huge bullseye before most people,even activists knew what was happening.
And now the desert pays the price, even though another branch of the government and others point out reasonable alternatives.
But I get the greed angle alright, and now with the BrightSource folks readying their initial public offering, without the project even 1/3 finished, you can bet the rest of the wanna be green "entrepeneurs" are hoping lightning will strike for them too!
Put up none of your own money, slap it all on the taxpayers, and let the environment and everyone else be left to hold the bag, long after you have run for the hills with all the loot!
Am I missing something here?
No matter how you gussy it up and talk up the high quality bread, if the filling is crap, that's all you got.
Crappy big dollar boondoggles to rust away in the sun.
What a great scam.”

Published strictly as a service to my loyal backporch readers and it is not intended to be used for anything other than support for saving the desert.

If you would like to see the article and the comments made that got me stirred up, then by all means surf on over to the site.

This is Morongobill and I approve the above comments as how I really feel about the energy development on public wilderness lands.

If this bothers some of you, glad you stopped by for a spell.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Folks, please take a moment to sign the petition.

But first read this story in today’s Riverside Press Enterprise newspaper.
MOJAVE DESERT: Solar project would disturb thousands of tortoises

If this doesn’t motivate you to sign the petition, I have really misjudged my readership.

The petition is on the left side of the page, no obligation, no salesman will call, your information will not be sold, and you will be helping protect your desert wilderness here, no matter where in the country you live.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Desperately needed by this blogger, a visit to the Mojave National Preserve!

Something which should happen between Sunday May 1st through Thursday
the 4th. I asked for 5 days and it will be allegedly granted by management and
it can’t happen at a better time for me, all this negative news from the deserts
with the solar and wind farms is making me major depressed, and a visit out
there is a guaranteed way to get me back on an even keel.

Sometime between when I originally posted about the BS’er going public and
this evening, major depression set in, a dark cloud which has hovered above
my head a few times in my life but not much lately, but thinking about getting
the hell out of the big city has got me feeling a little better.

My apologies if my depressed writing turned some of you off.



BrightSource Energy going public! Didn’t I say that it would happen BEFORE Ivanpah SEGS was finished? Proof positive that GREED is driving this renewable energy boondoggle in the deserts, not GREEN!

This post will have to be finished after work today. For now, I will provide links for you to peruse and catch this breaking news, later I will go into more depth with this subject.Nope this is all she wrote. Read it and weep.

But for now, let me just opine that is really true what they say about the 4 most powerful words in the english language, “I told you so” not once, but many times.

So what if I did, in the real world of the desert about to be demolished, it don’t matter a whole hell of a lot who or what was said.

Here is the link:
Solar upstart BrightSource Energy files to go public

and their Securities And Exchange filing documents:

Another thought for you readers, average concerned citizens and desert activists, etc to consider. BrightSource Energy has turned out to be a wily, resourceful opponent, slow and cautious like a desert tortoise, but capable of
decisive action. Those of us that have been opposing them over Ivanpah
better damn well keep in mind this, but add to that, the undisputed fact
that this initial public offering, will literally wash them in cash, like bathing in a bathtub full of hundred dollar bills; with the full power of Wall Street behind them, with all the greed aroused by the thought of this multibillion dollar ipo, I am afraid that we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I definitely standby the above statement.

Somehow the following got deleted by accident and I can’t undo it so here
is a cut-paste job from the blog:

More thoughts and analysis later, including links to previous articles about this very event, from months ago, later. So come back later today, folks.

No there won’t be--

except this- you want to hurt the industrialists? turn them into poor people like
Billie Ray Valentine once said- figure out how to stop or lower the value of this
initial stock offering, and you will definitely hurt BrightSource and the Wall Street types backing them.


Now that’s called payback on the backporch- they want to renege on their promises and mulch transplant 500 year old yuccas for example with a John
Deere, pay them back, figure out how to make this ipo die stillborn.

Either we do something now, really hit them where it hurts, their pocketbook,
or we might as well acknowledge that it is time to just stick a fork in the wilderness, it is done.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Here is a short video of Glen Canyon, which is re-emerging as the drought lowers the Lake Powell water level.

Watch this video and you will see why Ed Abbey wrote so movingly about his
trip to Glen Canyon, right before they began construction on the “damned” dam. Watch this video and get a hint of why Mr. David Brower tried so hard
to stop it, after first going along with the decision to build Glen Canyon dam.

For your information, I bought the dvd, full length video, that this trailer is for
this morning. I plan on buying the book as well once I get the funds together.

one day I hope to visit this area.

Here is the website address to check out the book or the dvd as well as
look at some fantastic nature photography!

P.S. I suggest that you utilize the lightbox feature on the website to view the
24 photos taken at Glen Canyon. This will allow you to see what Edward Abbey
and David Brower saw when they visited; perhaps you will be as awestruck as
they were and decide to join in the fight to save the deserts in any way that you

Here are a couple more Glen Canyon links to check out as well.

Glen Canyon before the dam



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under no circumstances will I vote to re-elect this president.

This has been bugging me for a long time and what the hell, this is what
is good about blogging, you can stand up on the soapbox and let it fly, whether
anyone reads it or not, whether anybody gives a damn or not.

The decision was mostly influenced by this president’s and his administration’s
determination to sacrifice wilderness to fight the effects of global warming and/or climate change, whatever the talking point is at this current moment.

This issue has been repeatedly discussed on this blog and there is no need to
rehash it again for the umpteenth time.

However, other matters and broken promises weighed in the decision and I will
list just a few of them.

First, let me say that I am in no way naive enough to believe that this decision means anything to anybody, but it does feel good to get it off my chest
or as they say, confession is good for the soul.

Here are just of a few things I disagree with, each of which, alone, justify my decision:

breaking the promise to close Gitmo, and the decision to try some of the prisoners at Gitmo, instead of our federal court system which has worked fine for over 200 years

Getting into a 3rd war- what aren’t 2 wars enough to satisfy our Nobel Peace
Prize winning president?

our president turning out to be GWB the 3rd, republican light, in my opinion

setting up a deficit commission when no one was pushing for it, and packing it
with known enemies of social security and medicare like Simpson and others

not prosecuting a single torturer, not one, and promising not to prosecute

actions which have repeatedly sided with the rich and powerful, and against the
rest of us, including his most loyal supporters- some might call it “dissing them”

going along with the republicans in giving the rich another year of these tax cuts and not standing up for the poor and least amongst us, especially
the 99’ers, incredibly appointing Immelt , chief job outsourcer while at G.E. AS JOBS CZAR!

For these and many more reasons which I don’t remember at this moment, I
am saying as I did before on these pages, that I am so done with this president,
no way will I vote to keep him for another term, I say don’t let the door hit you in the assbehind on your way out, as you make your way to retirement and untold millions in speaking fees on behalf of your “real” constituency, Wall Street and the other fat cats!

Good bye and good riddance, President “O- Bomb- them.”


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Here are a couple of fantastic desert video’s from Larry Hogue, longtime defender of California’s deserts.

Folks after viewing these, please take a moment to sign the petition on the left side of my site to help save this area from further destruction.

These video’s speak for themselves. The first one is as funny as
anything I have come across with the extra benefit of telling the message
that the desert is worth protecting.

you have been warned!

save Ivanpah!

These videos are for your enjoyment but also to raise awareness within
you and others of what exactly is at stake out there in the California desert.


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carbonmentalism reaching critical mass- did you hear Ira Flatow’s (suckup)interview with Alexis Madrigal shilling for the BrightSource Energy Ivanpah SEGS yesterday on Science Friday?

Here is the link to the fawning,sucking up posed at journalism
interview on Science Friday on NPR. Wow! One of my initial thoughts is for
supposedly being a liberal network, NPR broadcasting this puff piece as
it was categorized on a mailing list, is looking more and more, like they
are just as much in bed with the Wall Street crowd as anyone. Hell, the
Republican Congress should be giving them medals.

You know this can’t just be a coincidence, folks. First Alexis de la Madrigal did
the tango with the Atlantic, to much carbonmentalist applause. And now this.
Appearing as the special guest on Science Friday, a highly regarded radio
program hosted by Ira Flatow, a show I listen to often, and the whole piece
sounds like it could have been scripted by Jonnie W and the B.S.’ers!
What’s next? Are we going to have a roundtable circle jerk on the NewsHour
featuring Jonnie W, Alexis de la Madrigal, Kennie the New Sheriff in Town
Salazar, the head of Google, and other sordid dignitaries?
Some of folks reading this may have dropped in for the first time, may I suggest you read this news broadcast here first of an award given to the noted carbonmentalist A de la M?

People, listen to me. This is alarming to those who would like to see the desert
wilderness stay, as is, wild and undeveloped. This one- two media punch is
the beginning of a concerted campaign designed to smooth over any ruffled feathers that need it, and to prepare the American people for the change that
is coming. I know you are tired of hearing it, but this is only the beginning,
of an assault on wilderness, the likes we have never seen, to make it profitable, to make it work for man, to put man’s imprint on it, to rework
wilderness in our own image- miles and miles of mirrors and wind turbines, concrete everywhere where once there was pristine land that was home to many species, with a Mickie D’s and a liquor store on every

If you don’t believe me, go read the Madrigal Atlantic piece. I have excerpted
a portion of it which lays out in chilling detail their dream for our future:

The only way that cities and wilderness exist as they are is because of all those other things we stick out in the Mojave. Energy, industrial, and commercial facilities are the lifestyle-support system of our country. It is in the infrastructural landscapes we've scratched into far-flung natures where we can see actual human society reflected.

What better symbol could there be of who we really are--or ought to be--than a field of mirrors harnessing the sun to make huge amounts of electricity in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a fence to keep out desert tortoises who have had their homes moved to a carefully constructed new location as if they were very high-paid executives switching jobs? That's living with our world--and it's what a naturalized, if not natural, energy system looks like, the kind humans could live with for a very long time. “
Read the Atlantic article here.

There it is all laid out nice and neat for you- the carbonmentist not environmentalist view of this planet’s future. All you need to do is put the
name of a place that you care about in there, say Big Morongo Canyon Nature
Preserve or the Yosemite Valley, whatever, it may be sacrificed to slay the
Devil Incarnate Carbon. Go ahead laugh, we will see later which of us has the last laugh. Except I won’t be laughing, I will be mourning, because we lost a golden opportunity to make the required change to a renewable energy future the smart way, by putting solar and wind in locally near to the consumers, on rooftops and on used up farm or industrial land, which would not destroy any of our remaining wilderness- but no, that’s too sensible, the powers that be decided that cheap taxpayer owned land hundreds of miles away, requiring multibillion dollar transmission lines, and all of it requiring billions and billions of your tax money because such unprofitable boondoggles would never be funded by the private sector(but what the hell, the private sector will go along for the ride, after all the money ain’t coming out of their pockets)- and you watch and see later on if the old Morongobill isn’t right, when the smoke clears and the wilderness is gone, all these damned mirrors and turbines are in-

You just wait until you open your power bill, just wait, I am going to invest in a good set of ear protectors because it is
going to sound like millions of cats getting their tails mashed, the wailing and gnashing of teeth- this shit ain’t cheap folks, somebody is going to pay the piper and I guar-damn-tee it ain’t gonna be Google or the BS’er’s- it is going to be YOU and ME!

Yep, to this old country boy, it’s starting to look like we are about to get screwed like never before. Three wars going on at once, gas going through the
roof because the guv’ment won’t tighten up the trading rules which are allowing the big banks to make a killing playing the oil futures, rich folks paying less while busily pushing their obligations off on us po folks with the
blessing of the Federal Reserve and our Treasury, a do nothing president
getting ready to run again, a bunch of repubs in the Congress who blame the old people and the poor for all our financial problems, not one damn Wall
Street type jailed for almost bringing down the world’s financial system, and now, to the chagrin of Thoreau and Muir, modern day environmentalists aiding and abetting the industrialists in the raping of the final frontier-----

How much more of this shit sandwich do we have to eat? Am I the only
damn one who gets this? This isn’t time for business as usual folks. You
need to make a stand somewhere, some how. Stop sitting there “sexting”
your friends, or watching American Idol. It is time to wake up and get angry and start letting people know that you give a damn.

You can start by signing that petition on the left side of this page. You know I have heard of petitions being signed for the weirdest and most asinine things.
I implore you to sign this because it represents this country at its’ best, protecting its’ wild heritage. We are not a one world government yet, despite
what some say, why should you sacrifice your wilderness, when there are
millions of rooftops that could be covered in solar panels-

It is time to speak up people, because as you can see, the other side has really
got the jump on us here. I wondered how long it would be before the other side decided to turn the propaganda organs on for their behalf; we now have the answer. Pretty soon Katie will be interviewing John Woolard of BrightSource who will tell us that Ivanpah was already impacted because cows once grazed there. You think I am kidding? I have the video where he says just that! Here is that video, watch carefully at the 1 minute 26 second mark.

I guess the only saving grace is that Walter Cronkite isn’t around anymore, because if he said it, our goose probably would be cooked.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Having difficulty signing the wilderness petition listed on this page? Here is an email from Change.Org explaining why.

I wondered what happened to the petition on my blog and then I opened
my email.

Presented unedited, as received today in my email.

Out of general principle, I would say by all means sign the petition they are
talking about. But for your love of wilderness, please sign the one on the left
side of this page when it is back up.

I, for one, never saw these denial of service attacks coming.


A pro wind video which has lessons for those who oppose renewable energy in our desert wilderness.

This video is from a renewable energy trade group site on the web.

Now I know a lot of you have heard enough and are ready to move on, but I
strongly suggest that you watch this video, particularly any desert activists
that are visiting here.

Distributed power is an economic engine also!

This is a slick production and hits all the sweet spots. It is set in a rural area
and the “actors” are country folks, and this will resonate with the average Joe
out there, especially in rural counties such as Riverside or San Bernardino
where a lot of the dangerous giant solar and wind farms will be located. It
talks up economics helping out the local community, with the kids growing
up and getting jobs there, with the added benefit of their parents being close
to their grandchildren later. This is powerful stuff here, the sooner our side
comes up with something similar, the better.

I am actually amazed that First Solar or BrightSource Energy haven’t produced a similar video for their side. Let me just point out, for what it’s worth, if they do and we don’t counter it, we will be in the deep “voodoo” as they say.

Actually we should do it first, before they come up with one. Let the other side
play catch up for a change.

Our side has made great strides in getting the word out through efforts to educate the public, government agencies and employees, reaching out to
the mainstream media, circulating petitions, etcetera - all are excellent and seem to be producing results. But we are fighting an uphill struggle against opponents who are well heeled and do not not have any problems raising money, nor do they lack contacts amongst the propaganda organs media as the recent Atlantic article showed, nor do they lack for friends on Wall Street or in Washington. And if they produce a video like this for solar, without our countering  it, and if they play it on television as a commercial for example, our goose may be cooked.

From spending quite a lot of time in rural America as well as the cities, I think
I have a fair idea of what will motivate the average person, as I have said here many times, J-O-B-S.

The other side gets it, they talk about it every chance they get. This video
is chock full of it.

Another psychological ploy (and sales pitch) here is the “old something for nothing” approach. Why, shucks to hear these folks tell it, it ain’t gonna cost
a thing, why they barely had 2 nickels to rub together, and look at ‘em now!
No more going to see Mr. Banker once a year for a farm loan, no sirree! The
wind, thanks to the Good Lord himself, with the help of those nice people at
Siemens,  takes care of everything! Why we recommend this to any county in
the country! And did we tell you, it is green!

That’s what the average people are saying- in this video, and on Main Street,
and in the comments after one of the articles friendly to us come out. The article at the Desert Dispatch the other day about the BLM decision suspending construction at Ivanpah, had 4 comments, all against us and the tortoises. One even proposed making turtle soup out of all of them! That’s what the pro- wilderness side is up against. It is a fact. Unfortunately a lot of minds may be made up but a real good video talking up the J-O-B-S AND THE MONEY TO BE MADE by covering rooftops, etc with solar panels or other ideas along a similar vein,could go a long way toward making this a more level playing field, and possibly even start some more momentum from the public toward our view, to save the wilderness while at the same time, provide economic benefit for those needing it most, and not just for the fat cats who are rich enough already.

We have had some great videos out already talking up the need to save the ecosystem and the inhabitants but I fear it is not enough to counter the
other side’s arguments. When you factor in all the advantages held by the
other side; politicians and bureaucrats seemingly in their pockets, large main
stream environmental outfits seemingly in their pockets, mainstream media eating out of their hand, the list goes on and on, it just seems to me that we need all the help that we can get- we need something like this video here, but for the environment, showing rooftop solar’s benefits as well as saving the desert.

I know that one or two influential people and organizations have done this little blog the honor of visiting. I am asking, no I am begging, on behalf of Ivanpah and Blythe and Calico and Ridgecrest and Lucerne Valley, on behalf of wilderness everywhere that is slap dab in the middle of the renewable energy
land rush and slated for obliteration, maybe sooner than we think or dream is possible, if you have the contacts, please call them and ask them to think about doing something like this, perhaps you are a film maker, would you consider doing a project like this on behalf of the Mojave and other wild places? Or maybe you are extremely well off or perhaps you are on the board of a major enviro group that has not taken a stand on the issue here, would you consider taking the idea of a project like this to your board or helping with the costs?

Look folks, I ain’t gonna piss on you and tell you it’s raining, here. Time is truly of the essence now with this struggle to save the wilderness, and as the old saying goes back home, it is nut cutting time. Time to declare who you are with, time to make a stand. If you don’t or if you dither, more habitat is lost, more wilderness is lost, and we end up still stuck in the same old rut, with big power and big energy and big government calling all the shots, and with even more momentum behind them.

Wouldn’t it be nice for us to call a shot or two for once? We can if we just make our minds up and get involved, and actually care, and in the process make some money benefitting us, as well as helping the environment. Local power
made on local rooftops benefitting local people, close to home, saving money
and the wild places, to boot!

Let’s go for it.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch this video of Ed Abbey with Bill Devane and ask yourself what would Abbey think of this destruction of the deserts.

Some of you may not know who Abbey is, he wrote “Desert Solitaire” among
other works. Mr. Devane is a noted movie and tv actor, with over 50 movies to his credit.

About the 5 minute mark, the question is asked what can the average person
do to protect the scenic area there were filming at, and Mr. Abbey said that
they could support wilderness preservation.

This video, especially at the 5 minute mark, should be required viewing
for the government agencies and environmentalist organizations that
have been involved in the industrialization of the southwest deserts.

I can always dream.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Desert wildflowers are display NOW at the Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve on the canyon trail!

Folks, if you want to see a redtailed hawk nesting with a couple of big chicks,
you need to head on up to the preserve. This is not often seen. When the chicks stood up flapping their wings, I thought they were hens, they were so big!-4/19/2011

And the next three days will be perfect conditions for viewing and taking
pictures! I was there yesterday 4/17/2011 and it was bright sunshine and
in the mid 80’s, it will be about 75 and partly cloudy, great weather for a
visit the next 3 days.

If you are unfamiliar with the preserve which is located in Morongo Valley,
from the parking lot you make your way with marked trails until you reach the canyon trail which runs downhill through the winding dogleg canyons until
it comes out at the desert floor about 4 1/2 miles downhill. It is a strenuous
hike, the round trip. I do not recommend it.

Instead I suggest a hike down to mile marker 2 where you will meet my old
friend, Senor Cottonwood, who I have blogged about here and who I saw
yesterday, in all his glory, and drank an Arnold Palmer half and half in his
most welcome shade from the blazing sun.

And this time there was no irate bird in the branches above scolding me
for trespassing on their turf!

Here is a short video filmed at mile marker 0.5 where nature’s show begins.

flowers everywhere!

So far I confess that I haven’t had much luck motivating folks to visit this or
any other place. I was so gratified by the visit that I stuck a 5$ bill in the slot
by the entry point at the parking lot, and will make donations every time in the
future when I come here, though the amount may vary, depending on how
broke I am Sad smile

I am going to put up a separate trip report in a day or so, I just didn’t want
any readers who live nearby or who may be visiting socal to miss this week.

Special offer to anyone who plans to visit this week! Email
me privately that you plan to visit, and I will send a secret
detail of a nature event happening right now that only you
will be aware of, something you can readily see if you know
where to look, and I will give you the info which I guar-damn-
tee will blow you away and give you a lifetime memory!

A backporch exclusive so to speak.

Have a great week folks, be looking for the followup trip report with more pics
and videos.


Friday, April 15, 2011

The backporch wishes to thank the Sierra Club for trying to save the Calico solar site.

My field trip to the area last year can be found here and here.

As written about here in December last, it was gratifying to see the enviro groups filing the legal briefs, unfortunately as I predicted back then, using
Ivanpah as an example, the work has continued, the earth blading has kept
on going non-stop, the torticide has gone on, the mulching and masticating of hundreds of years old ancient yuccas and others has gone on unabated- in
other words, it is business as usual.

But at least the Sierra Club made the attempt with the Calico suit to try to
do something to stop this runaway renewable energy freight train. Unfortunately the State Supreme Court declined to hear the case.
ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 15 12.12

I will bite my tongue(almost in two!) and not comment on the smug arrogance in the above statement from the California Kangaroo Court  Energy Commission.
ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 15 12.18

Not being a lawyer and not having access to the court briefs, I can only offer
a guess as to the SC’s next move. After internal review they will either decide
if the brief can be rewritten and refiled, or possibly moved to the federal courts
or dropped. I really have no idea what they will do.

But I do know this. At least they did step in to try to save the Calico site. That
means a lot to me at least. Having been there last wildflower season, I know
that it is a place of beauty, long desert vistas, home to many plant and animal
species and worth more than to be covered with suncatchers and pv solar arrays such as below:
021311mnptrip 008

The above is the now decommissioned Daggett pv solar site. As you can see the ground has been packed in and
sprayed to keep plants from growing. It is a testament to how the chemicals work, that years later you finally see a
few blades of grass. Calico will be graded and bladed, mulched and masticated, and will end up looking just like this,
instead of the natural scenic beauty that it possesses today.

So thank you Sierra Club legal department for trying to help.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The new “green math” on display in the Ivanpah Valley.

To a mathematician or a big solar operator, the math on display is elegant,
precise, and simple. As well as breathtaking in its’ audacity and decisive in
its’ application. And as easy as “one, two, three-----“

Here is the formula. Note that there are wildcard operands that I will list at
the end of the equation, which can be inserted as needed. From your high
school algebra, just think imaginary numbers.

take lots and lots of other people’s
, for example 1.6 billion taxpayer
loan guarantees


ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 11 15.37_thumb[7]





Wildcard operands:

an apathetic, indifferent public

government officials and agencies in the pockets of big renewable energy promoters

carbonmentalist(no neologisms allowed)certain environmental group higher ups in the
pockets of the big renewable energy promoters

well meaning desert activists being marginalized by #2 and #3 above and ignored by #1 above

rumors of our coming economic demise not being heard by #2 and #3 above, as in financial zombies
walking, tottering along but still capable of inflicting huge damage to anything that gets in the way

An alternative to the above equation is another way to say the same, just
minus the high level math:

ivanpah032410hike 032

                                     with the help of this
021311mnptrip 094

      turns into this which may become the new definition
021311mnptrip 009

                  of desert “beauty”, unless the average person becomes
           alarmed at what may become a dangerous trend- to maximize
          the revenue stream from “unproductive” wilderness use- and
          rises up and demands that unused rooftops and unproductive 
          degraded land and “brownfields” get utilized first for local power

It is a true statement and should be obvious to all by now, that We the People will have to be the ones to stop this raping of our environment now before it goes any further and the wilderness of our country is destroyed by means of this very simple equation.

So far, I am not sanguine about the prospects of that happening.



Monday, April 11, 2011

BrightSource Energy lied their way into getting Ivanpah SEGS approved- here’s the “smoking gun!”- Warning graphic content and extreme violence and author language!

Late thoughts as of 6:40 pm Monday---
If any of my readers are in contact with either the plaintiffs or their attorneys
that brought the case to stop the Ivanpah project, you might want to forward the video here to them. I am no lawyer, but this to my untrained eye is about
the best inculpatory evidence you could find to use against BrightSource et al.

Many thanks to Coyote Crossing and the Mojave Desert Blog and the person
who shot the video these still shots came from.

The’s promised all along that Yucca’s would be transplanted for replanting after the plant was decommissioned. Does this look a yucca being
prepared for transplanting?
ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 11 15.37

Or this?
ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 11 15.37

The end result. The masticated yucca is by the treads, the machine is
about to devour prepare the next yucca for transplanting.

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 11 15.47

So you won’t think that this is taken out of context, here is the actual video.
Watch it and weep, or rage, or yawn in indifference. This video is of a graphic
nature depicting the death and maiming of several plant species, and should
not be viewed by the weak of heart.

----Late note 4/12/11 about 2pm, the original video was removed from Youtube,
my guess due to pressure from the B.S.’ er’s and their gang. Here is the video
reposted. I have also got the original video which I will have available for download if this is taken down by YT.------

The original video taken down by Youtube, this is courtesy of creekrunningnorth. Thanks!

I have watched this video several times today. This is exactly the proof of what
this blog has said from the beginning, as well as other blogs and desert activists. Here is your green energy development folks. This damn machine and others like it are going to drive a stake right through the heart of the Ivanpah Valley.

This image is on the Basin and Range Watch site that I linked to the other day.
The area has been treated and prepared “for transplantation” already as shown in the above video.

So here’s one lie that we HAVE proof of. What other lies have they told to get
this project approved and to get their hands on the 1.4 BILLION DOLLAR
FEDERAL LOAN GUARANTEE? The’s can’t be trusted as this video
graphically shows.

But of course, maybe it’s all a misunderstanding and that really wasn’t a yucca.
Here is an image of a yucca taken from an unimpeachable source.

The image is courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Warning to any new readers who may have stumbled across this site from
blogsurfer or google or whoever. You might want to surf away now as I am
about to let loose. But first let me tell you that I have posted at least 50+
times opposing this project since this little tiny blog began in 2010.
------------ surf away if you have a delicate or sensitive nature-------------------

BrightSource Energy and its’ CEO whoever the hell it is now
can kiss my damn ass, you got that? Along with their shills
and especially their enabler’s such as the major environmental groups that let this travesty and tragedy happen by not doing a damn thing about it, just as with Glen Canyon. I wouldn’t piss on those sons of bitches if they were on fire- you bastards, and you know good and damn well who you are- can burn in hell for what you have accomplished and for what is happening in this video.

Don’t pass go, go straight to hell.

Now after running and scaring off the delicate readers I guess this blog is a
goner. So be it. I’ll keep writing about it, and if they don’t like it, I can really
give a rat’s ass!

I warned you people the other day, didn’t I? Didn’t I say this is what is coming to a wilderness near you? How long are you going to sit there and not say something, or write somebody, or tell your friends, or talk about it on social media? What does it take to get you Americans fired up? This shit is coming
to your neck of the woods soon, whether we keep ignoring it and looking away or not.

Think about it, the wilderness, the remaining wilderness that is, depends on people like you and me, because quite frankly it has been calling the Congress and the President, and they are not picking up!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A return to the little ridge top, in which I discover my inner mountain goat.

Last week I drove back out to the desert with no plan, except to see if the
flowers were blooming and/or maybe do another hike at the Morongo Canyon
Nature Preserve.

Driving out I drove by the little ridge that runs from the desert floor up to
Mount San Jacinto on my way to stop at the rest stop there by Whitewater.
Walking back to my car, I decided to go back to the ridge for another attempt.
After parking my car and walking over to cross the railroad tracks, I came
across this sight.
040411palmspringshike 001

Don’t you just love how some of us hominids use the desert and wilderness as their personal trash dump? Or maybe
it’s just there for hobo’s who jump off the freight trains that rumble through here several times a day.
040411palmspringshike 028

The decision was made not to redo the whole previous hike but to aim for the jeep trail I got off on last time and to continue upward from there. I walked up
until the grade just was too steep and relentless, at which point I filmed a
video that I am showing a clip of here to show you how steep the hillside was.
ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 10 18.24

Here is another still shot which shows the smart way to go back, along the ridge the way that I came.
ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 10 18.28

You guessed it, of course I decided not to take the smart way down, but to go
straight down that steep, sandy, and covered in places with flat, loose rocks, hillside.On the way down, I almost took a tumble when I slipped and managed
to grab hold of an ancient gnarly dead juniper tree limb, a stunted tree of which there were quite a few to be found on this hillside, some living, some dead for what appeared to be centuries.
ScreenHunter_04 Apr. 10 18.32

And here is a photo that I took showing dead and living, all in one tree.
040411palmspringshike 014

The view from below looking up at this juniper stand.
040411palmspringshike 017

040411palmspringshike 020

To think, if Harry Reid had his way, this ancient one would be getting a visit from the masticator and would end
up going up in smoke, renewable energy. What an oxymoron! I ain’t bullshitting you folks, he’s all for it.
040411palmspringshike 021

Folks, I had no way of knowing what I would come across going down that hillside, and I never expected to come across junipers! They kind of remind me of those old gnarly pines, the ones they say are thousands of years old, bristlecones I believe they are called.

Nothing much else happened except I did see some very tiny flowers on the way back, here is a video still.
ScreenHunter_06 Apr. 10 18.46

The above is from the hillside, further down I came across man’s presence here.
ScreenHunter_07 Apr. 10 18.48

You can just about count on finding trash like here anywhere in the desert unfortunately.
ScreenHunter_08 Apr. 10 18.49

Here is a video where I share a major discovery right near where I parked
the morongomobile, a sight for sore eyes and much needed at the moment!

Although this little (boring to some)hike will never make it into a guidebook it was an interesting way to see the desert, explore a section that I was always curious about, to find some new unexpected things, and to get the heck out of the big city and all those people.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do the deserts and wilderness a favor, Michael Brune- quit the Sierra Club leadership FORTHWITH.

Folks, do yourselves a favor and go read this April 1st article over at
The Atlantic where Michael Brune, the main man over at the Sierra Club opines
on “Our chance to get clean energy right.” I insist, for your sake and for
wilderness you care about, that you read that first. Below is the area that
I am going to take him to task for not protecting when he had the chance to
do so, Ivanpah.
ivanpah032410hike 032

Another shot below.
091410ivanpahsegs 003

And recently. Notice a difference? This could have been prevented in my opinion.
021311mnptrip 095

Here is the comment that I am about to leave at the Atlantic article for
Brune and his fellow travelers over there. I am posting it here first and
am claiming ownership of the following words. I just thought, you my
long time readers and visitors might be interested in reading it here first.
Well, unless you are lurking right now around 1730 pacific time on Wednesday
4/6/12 you might be getting it late.
----------begin my comment posted to the Atlantic article by Michael Brune-------

You guys aren't falling for this revisionist history are you?

He talks like he was working real close with the energy companies and maybe he was- perhaps he made a backroom deal to allow Ivanpah to be built, the first in what I feel will be a long string of dominoes to fall, the first of many pristine desert habitats to be bladed, paved over, and covered with wind turbines and solar mirrors. Thanks a lot Brune! I bet you sleep well at night when you think about what a mockery you and others like you have made of your founder's vision.

I'll tell you folks something else that he isn't saying. He isn't talking at all about how he and his board ignored their desert activist base, the base of committed real environmentalists that opposed the Ivanpah project, and the same base which he and management did their very best to silence. No sir, he ain't talking at all about that!

And by the way, for your information, all this talk he's spewing out now about building solar etc on degraded lands- guess what, he is FLAT OUT STEALING THAT IDEA FROM THE DESERT ACTIVISTS WHO HAVE BEEN SHOUTING IT ALL ALONG! It's incredible how shameless this dude is.

Now let me tell you what this guy really did- he has allowed the worst environmental mistake to happen under his watch, the raping of the California Mojave Desert to begin in earnest under his watch, the beginning of the end of this magnificent complete ecosystem has happened under his watch, and he hasn't done a damned constructive thing to stop it, the worst mistake the Sierra Club has made since they failed to oppose Glen Canyon Dam, all those years ago.

At least a real environmentalist, David Brower, realized the error and did all he could to try to stop it, unfortunately too late but I give the man credit for trying. This guy Brune, a typical political hack type if I ever saw one, is only interested at this late date in trying to get out ahead of the curve, after missing the whole ball game up to this point.

Note to Brune, YOU ARE TOO SLOW! You should have realized right at the start the opportunity you had, a player, a mover and shaker, to mold this process, you should have seen the importance of Ivanpah, and jumped in before everyone's positions were set in stone----
now it's too little and too late.

Here is some free advice for you pal, QUIT NOW! RESIGN NOW! ADMIT YOU MADE THE
MISTAKE OF A LIFETIME! Get the hell out, and go write a book or something, like your bosom buddy Madrigal. And take your fellow carbonmentalist directors along with you.

I am telling you folks flat out, with friends like Brune and his board, the desert doesn't need anymore enemies.

You better visit the Mojave or a wilderness area you care about right now, you wait too much longer, you might see that it has been covered with mirrors and turbines.

William Mcdonald
----------------------end of my posted comment-------------------------

Well, I hit the send button over at the website first so I guess they may just
have to sue me for posting there first instead of here.

Oh well.

Late addition folks, please go here for the latest Ivanpah
solar site aerial construction photos showing the massive extent of the destruction.

It is much worse than I dreamed, we have to stop this
destruction of our deserts.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A steadfast friend of the deserts could use some help right now.

Before I give out the link to his site, let me say a few words here.

The person I am writing about is in my opinion, about the best writer I have ever come across on the web, especially when he writes of the desert and wilderness. I wish I could write as well, I have tried to emulate but not with much success, but even so I feel that I am the better for it. When I want to transport myself to the desert while being here in the giant megalopolis that is Los Angeles/ the OC, I go to his site, as well as his previous site to experience the desert virtually through his prose.

I am making( unsolicited by him) a request for my readers, of whom there are a few true wilderness lovers and desert lovers,to go to the link that I will give at
the bottom and read the post that I am referring to, and consider making a donation as I have to help keep this site of his; this beacon shining the light of real environmental truth telling, open for business, open to keep spreading the good word and to keep up the good fight that he has waged on behalf of the deserts and its’ inhabitants- plants, animals, and people like you and me that either live there or care about it enough, to keep it free of these monstrously destructive renewable energy projects, that are being shoved down its’ throat- if you care at all about keeping the deserts wild and free for the generations to come--- then I am asking you to consider helping out also with a donation in order to help keep his wonderful site up.
archivecd16 254

Alas, as you know, there is no dearth of writers for the other side, as the Atlantic article mentioned here recently proves, and no end of opponents and
money available to finance them- which is why it is critical that those on our
side help each other out when we are able to do so.

I thank you in advance for any and all help that you can offer at this time.

Here is the link:

Go here to visit the site.

Vaya con dios, my friends.