Friday, April 15, 2011

The backporch wishes to thank the Sierra Club for trying to save the Calico solar site.

My field trip to the area last year can be found here and here.

As written about here in December last, it was gratifying to see the enviro groups filing the legal briefs, unfortunately as I predicted back then, using
Ivanpah as an example, the work has continued, the earth blading has kept
on going non-stop, the torticide has gone on, the mulching and masticating of hundreds of years old ancient yuccas and others has gone on unabated- in
other words, it is business as usual.

But at least the Sierra Club made the attempt with the Calico suit to try to
do something to stop this runaway renewable energy freight train. Unfortunately the State Supreme Court declined to hear the case.
ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 15 12.12

I will bite my tongue(almost in two!) and not comment on the smug arrogance in the above statement from the California Kangaroo Court  Energy Commission.
ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 15 12.18

Not being a lawyer and not having access to the court briefs, I can only offer
a guess as to the SC’s next move. After internal review they will either decide
if the brief can be rewritten and refiled, or possibly moved to the federal courts
or dropped. I really have no idea what they will do.

But I do know this. At least they did step in to try to save the Calico site. That
means a lot to me at least. Having been there last wildflower season, I know
that it is a place of beauty, long desert vistas, home to many plant and animal
species and worth more than to be covered with suncatchers and pv solar arrays such as below:
021311mnptrip 008

The above is the now decommissioned Daggett pv solar site. As you can see the ground has been packed in and
sprayed to keep plants from growing. It is a testament to how the chemicals work, that years later you finally see a
few blades of grass. Calico will be graded and bladed, mulched and masticated, and will end up looking just like this,
instead of the natural scenic beauty that it possesses today.

So thank you Sierra Club legal department for trying to help.


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