Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BrightSource Energy going public! Didn’t I say that it would happen BEFORE Ivanpah SEGS was finished? Proof positive that GREED is driving this renewable energy boondoggle in the deserts, not GREEN!

This post will have to be finished after work today. For now, I will provide links for you to peruse and catch this breaking news, later I will go into more depth with this subject.Nope this is all she wrote. Read it and weep.

But for now, let me just opine that is really true what they say about the 4 most powerful words in the english language, “I told you so” not once, but many times.

So what if I did, in the real world of the desert about to be demolished, it don’t matter a whole hell of a lot who or what was said.

Here is the link:
Solar upstart BrightSource Energy files to go public

and their Securities And Exchange filing documents:

Another thought for you readers, average concerned citizens and desert activists, etc to consider. BrightSource Energy has turned out to be a wily, resourceful opponent, slow and cautious like a desert tortoise, but capable of
decisive action. Those of us that have been opposing them over Ivanpah
better damn well keep in mind this, but add to that, the undisputed fact
that this initial public offering, will literally wash them in cash, like bathing in a bathtub full of hundred dollar bills; with the full power of Wall Street behind them, with all the greed aroused by the thought of this multibillion dollar ipo, I am afraid that we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I definitely standby the above statement.

Somehow the following got deleted by accident and I can’t undo it so here
is a cut-paste job from the blog:

More thoughts and analysis later, including links to previous articles about this very event, from months ago, later. So come back later today, folks.

No there won’t be--

except this- you want to hurt the industrialists? turn them into poor people like
Billie Ray Valentine once said- figure out how to stop or lower the value of this
initial stock offering, and you will definitely hurt BrightSource and the Wall Street types backing them.


Now that’s called payback on the backporch- they want to renege on their promises and mulch transplant 500 year old yuccas for example with a John
Deere, pay them back, figure out how to make this ipo die stillborn.

Either we do something now, really hit them where it hurts, their pocketbook,
or we might as well acknowledge that it is time to just stick a fork in the wilderness, it is done.