Monday, April 11, 2011

BrightSource Energy lied their way into getting Ivanpah SEGS approved- here’s the “smoking gun!”- Warning graphic content and extreme violence and author language!

Late thoughts as of 6:40 pm Monday---
If any of my readers are in contact with either the plaintiffs or their attorneys
that brought the case to stop the Ivanpah project, you might want to forward the video here to them. I am no lawyer, but this to my untrained eye is about
the best inculpatory evidence you could find to use against BrightSource et al.

Many thanks to Coyote Crossing and the Mojave Desert Blog and the person
who shot the video these still shots came from.

The’s promised all along that Yucca’s would be transplanted for replanting after the plant was decommissioned. Does this look a yucca being
prepared for transplanting?
ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 11 15.37

Or this?
ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 11 15.37

The end result. The masticated yucca is by the treads, the machine is
about to devour prepare the next yucca for transplanting.

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 11 15.47

So you won’t think that this is taken out of context, here is the actual video.
Watch it and weep, or rage, or yawn in indifference. This video is of a graphic
nature depicting the death and maiming of several plant species, and should
not be viewed by the weak of heart.

----Late note 4/12/11 about 2pm, the original video was removed from Youtube,
my guess due to pressure from the B.S.’ er’s and their gang. Here is the video
reposted. I have also got the original video which I will have available for download if this is taken down by YT.------

The original video taken down by Youtube, this is courtesy of creekrunningnorth. Thanks!

I have watched this video several times today. This is exactly the proof of what
this blog has said from the beginning, as well as other blogs and desert activists. Here is your green energy development folks. This damn machine and others like it are going to drive a stake right through the heart of the Ivanpah Valley.

This image is on the Basin and Range Watch site that I linked to the other day.
The area has been treated and prepared “for transplantation” already as shown in the above video.

So here’s one lie that we HAVE proof of. What other lies have they told to get
this project approved and to get their hands on the 1.4 BILLION DOLLAR
FEDERAL LOAN GUARANTEE? The’s can’t be trusted as this video
graphically shows.

But of course, maybe it’s all a misunderstanding and that really wasn’t a yucca.
Here is an image of a yucca taken from an unimpeachable source.

The image is courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Warning to any new readers who may have stumbled across this site from
blogsurfer or google or whoever. You might want to surf away now as I am
about to let loose. But first let me tell you that I have posted at least 50+
times opposing this project since this little tiny blog began in 2010.
------------ surf away if you have a delicate or sensitive nature-------------------

BrightSource Energy and its’ CEO whoever the hell it is now
can kiss my damn ass, you got that? Along with their shills
and especially their enabler’s such as the major environmental groups that let this travesty and tragedy happen by not doing a damn thing about it, just as with Glen Canyon. I wouldn’t piss on those sons of bitches if they were on fire- you bastards, and you know good and damn well who you are- can burn in hell for what you have accomplished and for what is happening in this video.

Don’t pass go, go straight to hell.

Now after running and scaring off the delicate readers I guess this blog is a
goner. So be it. I’ll keep writing about it, and if they don’t like it, I can really
give a rat’s ass!

I warned you people the other day, didn’t I? Didn’t I say this is what is coming to a wilderness near you? How long are you going to sit there and not say something, or write somebody, or tell your friends, or talk about it on social media? What does it take to get you Americans fired up? This shit is coming
to your neck of the woods soon, whether we keep ignoring it and looking away or not.

Think about it, the wilderness, the remaining wilderness that is, depends on people like you and me, because quite frankly it has been calling the Congress and the President, and they are not picking up!