Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carbonmentalism reaching critical mass- did you hear Ira Flatow’s (suckup)interview with Alexis Madrigal shilling for the BrightSource Energy Ivanpah SEGS yesterday on Science Friday?

Here is the link to the fawning,sucking up posed at journalism
interview on Science Friday on NPR. Wow! One of my initial thoughts is for
supposedly being a liberal network, NPR broadcasting this puff piece as
it was categorized on a mailing list, is looking more and more, like they
are just as much in bed with the Wall Street crowd as anyone. Hell, the
Republican Congress should be giving them medals.

You know this can’t just be a coincidence, folks. First Alexis de la Madrigal did
the tango with the Atlantic, to much carbonmentalist applause. And now this.
Appearing as the special guest on Science Friday, a highly regarded radio
program hosted by Ira Flatow, a show I listen to often, and the whole piece
sounds like it could have been scripted by Jonnie W and the B.S.’ers!
What’s next? Are we going to have a roundtable circle jerk on the NewsHour
featuring Jonnie W, Alexis de la Madrigal, Kennie the New Sheriff in Town
Salazar, the head of Google, and other sordid dignitaries?
Some of folks reading this may have dropped in for the first time, may I suggest you read this news broadcast here first of an award given to the noted carbonmentalist A de la M?

People, listen to me. This is alarming to those who would like to see the desert
wilderness stay, as is, wild and undeveloped. This one- two media punch is
the beginning of a concerted campaign designed to smooth over any ruffled feathers that need it, and to prepare the American people for the change that
is coming. I know you are tired of hearing it, but this is only the beginning,
of an assault on wilderness, the likes we have never seen, to make it profitable, to make it work for man, to put man’s imprint on it, to rework
wilderness in our own image- miles and miles of mirrors and wind turbines, concrete everywhere where once there was pristine land that was home to many species, with a Mickie D’s and a liquor store on every

If you don’t believe me, go read the Madrigal Atlantic piece. I have excerpted
a portion of it which lays out in chilling detail their dream for our future:

The only way that cities and wilderness exist as they are is because of all those other things we stick out in the Mojave. Energy, industrial, and commercial facilities are the lifestyle-support system of our country. It is in the infrastructural landscapes we've scratched into far-flung natures where we can see actual human society reflected.

What better symbol could there be of who we really are--or ought to be--than a field of mirrors harnessing the sun to make huge amounts of electricity in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a fence to keep out desert tortoises who have had their homes moved to a carefully constructed new location as if they were very high-paid executives switching jobs? That's living with our world--and it's what a naturalized, if not natural, energy system looks like, the kind humans could live with for a very long time. “
Read the Atlantic article here.

There it is all laid out nice and neat for you- the carbonmentist not environmentalist view of this planet’s future. All you need to do is put the
name of a place that you care about in there, say Big Morongo Canyon Nature
Preserve or the Yosemite Valley, whatever, it may be sacrificed to slay the
Devil Incarnate Carbon. Go ahead laugh, we will see later which of us has the last laugh. Except I won’t be laughing, I will be mourning, because we lost a golden opportunity to make the required change to a renewable energy future the smart way, by putting solar and wind in locally near to the consumers, on rooftops and on used up farm or industrial land, which would not destroy any of our remaining wilderness- but no, that’s too sensible, the powers that be decided that cheap taxpayer owned land hundreds of miles away, requiring multibillion dollar transmission lines, and all of it requiring billions and billions of your tax money because such unprofitable boondoggles would never be funded by the private sector(but what the hell, the private sector will go along for the ride, after all the money ain’t coming out of their pockets)- and you watch and see later on if the old Morongobill isn’t right, when the smoke clears and the wilderness is gone, all these damned mirrors and turbines are in-

You just wait until you open your power bill, just wait, I am going to invest in a good set of ear protectors because it is
going to sound like millions of cats getting their tails mashed, the wailing and gnashing of teeth- this shit ain’t cheap folks, somebody is going to pay the piper and I guar-damn-tee it ain’t gonna be Google or the BS’er’s- it is going to be YOU and ME!

Yep, to this old country boy, it’s starting to look like we are about to get screwed like never before. Three wars going on at once, gas going through the
roof because the guv’ment won’t tighten up the trading rules which are allowing the big banks to make a killing playing the oil futures, rich folks paying less while busily pushing their obligations off on us po folks with the
blessing of the Federal Reserve and our Treasury, a do nothing president
getting ready to run again, a bunch of repubs in the Congress who blame the old people and the poor for all our financial problems, not one damn Wall
Street type jailed for almost bringing down the world’s financial system, and now, to the chagrin of Thoreau and Muir, modern day environmentalists aiding and abetting the industrialists in the raping of the final frontier-----

How much more of this shit sandwich do we have to eat? Am I the only
damn one who gets this? This isn’t time for business as usual folks. You
need to make a stand somewhere, some how. Stop sitting there “sexting”
your friends, or watching American Idol. It is time to wake up and get angry and start letting people know that you give a damn.

You can start by signing that petition on the left side of this page. You know I have heard of petitions being signed for the weirdest and most asinine things.
I implore you to sign this because it represents this country at its’ best, protecting its’ wild heritage. We are not a one world government yet, despite
what some say, why should you sacrifice your wilderness, when there are
millions of rooftops that could be covered in solar panels-

It is time to speak up people, because as you can see, the other side has really
got the jump on us here. I wondered how long it would be before the other side decided to turn the propaganda organs on for their behalf; we now have the answer. Pretty soon Katie will be interviewing John Woolard of BrightSource who will tell us that Ivanpah was already impacted because cows once grazed there. You think I am kidding? I have the video where he says just that! Here is that video, watch carefully at the 1 minute 26 second mark.

I guess the only saving grace is that Walter Cronkite isn’t around anymore, because if he said it, our goose probably would be cooked.


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