Thursday, April 28, 2011

A comment I made over at a renewable energy site which I am crossposting here, after all I did write it.


April 28, 2011

At long last I think I have figured out Mr. Bob Wallace, through the last comments between him and Mr. Andre.
Is it possible that he works or has an equity interest in large csp plants? Could that be the reason for doing absolutely all he can to shoot down the arguments on behalf of distributed power on rooftops, and not in the desert hundreds of miles from the users?
Call me naive, but why else would he work so long and hard on behalf the BrightSource's, the First Solar's of the world, here in this forum?
Look it really is pretty simple, it's all about greed and not about green, in my opinion.
Big enviro groups working hand in hand with the industrialists and their enablers, government bureaucrats, set up this system and got in place, with the desert painted with a huge bullseye before most people,even activists knew what was happening.
And now the desert pays the price, even though another branch of the government and others point out reasonable alternatives.
But I get the greed angle alright, and now with the BrightSource folks readying their initial public offering, without the project even 1/3 finished, you can bet the rest of the wanna be green "entrepeneurs" are hoping lightning will strike for them too!
Put up none of your own money, slap it all on the taxpayers, and let the environment and everyone else be left to hold the bag, long after you have run for the hills with all the loot!
Am I missing something here?
No matter how you gussy it up and talk up the high quality bread, if the filling is crap, that's all you got.
Crappy big dollar boondoggles to rust away in the sun.
What a great scam.”

Published strictly as a service to my loyal backporch readers and it is not intended to be used for anything other than support for saving the desert.

If you would like to see the article and the comments made that got me stirred up, then by all means surf on over to the site.

This is Morongobill and I approve the above comments as how I really feel about the energy development on public wilderness lands.

If this bothers some of you, glad you stopped by for a spell.