Monday, April 18, 2011

Desert wildflowers are display NOW at the Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve on the canyon trail!

Folks, if you want to see a redtailed hawk nesting with a couple of big chicks,
you need to head on up to the preserve. This is not often seen. When the chicks stood up flapping their wings, I thought they were hens, they were so big!-4/19/2011

And the next three days will be perfect conditions for viewing and taking
pictures! I was there yesterday 4/17/2011 and it was bright sunshine and
in the mid 80’s, it will be about 75 and partly cloudy, great weather for a
visit the next 3 days.

If you are unfamiliar with the preserve which is located in Morongo Valley,
from the parking lot you make your way with marked trails until you reach the canyon trail which runs downhill through the winding dogleg canyons until
it comes out at the desert floor about 4 1/2 miles downhill. It is a strenuous
hike, the round trip. I do not recommend it.

Instead I suggest a hike down to mile marker 2 where you will meet my old
friend, Senor Cottonwood, who I have blogged about here and who I saw
yesterday, in all his glory, and drank an Arnold Palmer half and half in his
most welcome shade from the blazing sun.

And this time there was no irate bird in the branches above scolding me
for trespassing on their turf!

Here is a short video filmed at mile marker 0.5 where nature’s show begins.

flowers everywhere!

So far I confess that I haven’t had much luck motivating folks to visit this or
any other place. I was so gratified by the visit that I stuck a 5$ bill in the slot
by the entry point at the parking lot, and will make donations every time in the
future when I come here, though the amount may vary, depending on how
broke I am Sad smile

I am going to put up a separate trip report in a day or so, I just didn’t want
any readers who live nearby or who may be visiting socal to miss this week.

Special offer to anyone who plans to visit this week! Email
me privately that you plan to visit, and I will send a secret
detail of a nature event happening right now that only you
will be aware of, something you can readily see if you know
where to look, and I will give you the info which I guar-damn-
tee will blow you away and give you a lifetime memory!

A backporch exclusive so to speak.

Have a great week folks, be looking for the followup trip report with more pics
and videos.