Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Desperately needed by this blogger, a visit to the Mojave National Preserve!

Something which should happen between Sunday May 1st through Thursday
the 4th. I asked for 5 days and it will be allegedly granted by management and
it can’t happen at a better time for me, all this negative news from the deserts
with the solar and wind farms is making me major depressed, and a visit out
there is a guaranteed way to get me back on an even keel.

Sometime between when I originally posted about the BS’er going public and
this evening, major depression set in, a dark cloud which has hovered above
my head a few times in my life but not much lately, but thinking about getting
the hell out of the big city has got me feeling a little better.

My apologies if my depressed writing turned some of you off.