Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do the deserts and wilderness a favor, Michael Brune- quit the Sierra Club leadership FORTHWITH.

Folks, do yourselves a favor and go read this April 1st article over at
The Atlantic where Michael Brune, the main man over at the Sierra Club opines
on “Our chance to get clean energy right.” I insist, for your sake and for
wilderness you care about, that you read that first. Below is the area that
I am going to take him to task for not protecting when he had the chance to
do so, Ivanpah.
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Another shot below.
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And recently. Notice a difference? This could have been prevented in my opinion.
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Here is the comment that I am about to leave at the Atlantic article for
Brune and his fellow travelers over there. I am posting it here first and
am claiming ownership of the following words. I just thought, you my
long time readers and visitors might be interested in reading it here first.
Well, unless you are lurking right now around 1730 pacific time on Wednesday
4/6/12 you might be getting it late.
----------begin my comment posted to the Atlantic article by Michael Brune-------

You guys aren't falling for this revisionist history are you?

He talks like he was working real close with the energy companies and maybe he was- perhaps he made a backroom deal to allow Ivanpah to be built, the first in what I feel will be a long string of dominoes to fall, the first of many pristine desert habitats to be bladed, paved over, and covered with wind turbines and solar mirrors. Thanks a lot Brune! I bet you sleep well at night when you think about what a mockery you and others like you have made of your founder's vision.

I'll tell you folks something else that he isn't saying. He isn't talking at all about how he and his board ignored their desert activist base, the base of committed real environmentalists that opposed the Ivanpah project, and the same base which he and management did their very best to silence. No sir, he ain't talking at all about that!

And by the way, for your information, all this talk he's spewing out now about building solar etc on degraded lands- guess what, he is FLAT OUT STEALING THAT IDEA FROM THE DESERT ACTIVISTS WHO HAVE BEEN SHOUTING IT ALL ALONG! It's incredible how shameless this dude is.

Now let me tell you what this guy really did- he has allowed the worst environmental mistake to happen under his watch, the raping of the California Mojave Desert to begin in earnest under his watch, the beginning of the end of this magnificent complete ecosystem has happened under his watch, and he hasn't done a damned constructive thing to stop it, the worst mistake the Sierra Club has made since they failed to oppose Glen Canyon Dam, all those years ago.

At least a real environmentalist, David Brower, realized the error and did all he could to try to stop it, unfortunately too late but I give the man credit for trying. This guy Brune, a typical political hack type if I ever saw one, is only interested at this late date in trying to get out ahead of the curve, after missing the whole ball game up to this point.

Note to Brune, YOU ARE TOO SLOW! You should have realized right at the start the opportunity you had, a player, a mover and shaker, to mold this process, you should have seen the importance of Ivanpah, and jumped in before everyone's positions were set in stone----
now it's too little and too late.

Here is some free advice for you pal, QUIT NOW! RESIGN NOW! ADMIT YOU MADE THE
MISTAKE OF A LIFETIME! Get the hell out, and go write a book or something, like your bosom buddy Madrigal. And take your fellow carbonmentalist directors along with you.

I am telling you folks flat out, with friends like Brune and his board, the desert doesn't need anymore enemies.

You better visit the Mojave or a wilderness area you care about right now, you wait too much longer, you might see that it has been covered with mirrors and turbines.

William Mcdonald
----------------------end of my posted comment-------------------------

Well, I hit the send button over at the website first so I guess they may just
have to sue me for posting there first instead of here.

Oh well.

Late addition folks, please go here for the latest Ivanpah
solar site aerial construction photos showing the massive extent of the destruction.

It is much worse than I dreamed, we have to stop this
destruction of our deserts.


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