Monday, April 25, 2011

Here is a short video of Glen Canyon, which is re-emerging as the drought lowers the Lake Powell water level.

Watch this video and you will see why Ed Abbey wrote so movingly about his
trip to Glen Canyon, right before they began construction on the “damned” dam. Watch this video and get a hint of why Mr. David Brower tried so hard
to stop it, after first going along with the decision to build Glen Canyon dam.

For your information, I bought the dvd, full length video, that this trailer is for
this morning. I plan on buying the book as well once I get the funds together.

one day I hope to visit this area.

Here is the website address to check out the book or the dvd as well as
look at some fantastic nature photography!

P.S. I suggest that you utilize the lightbox feature on the website to view the
24 photos taken at Glen Canyon. This will allow you to see what Edward Abbey
and David Brower saw when they visited; perhaps you will be as awestruck as
they were and decide to join in the fight to save the deserts in any way that you

Here are a couple more Glen Canyon links to check out as well.

Glen Canyon before the dam



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