Friday, April 29, 2011

Mojave National Preserve trip pending.

That’s where I intend to be in just a few days.

I put in for 5 days off and would like to dedicate 2 or 3 days to the MNP.

Possible locations deserving of a visit, and reachable via passenger car,low slung, are:

the Castle Peaks area, drive dirt road in as far as possible, and hike rest of the way

a return to Teutonia Peak with the goal of hiking from there and across the road
and the joshua tree forest to the mountain on the cross side of the road

of course, another visit to Sunrise Rock

a hike at Globe Mine Road up toward the mountains

climbing one of the Kelso Dunes, I have never been there

a visit to the Vulcan Mine

I think that’s a nice wish list, and doubt that it is possible, because

after all, this will be a mini vacation, why set a bunch of impossible goals?

Man, I hope my vacation gets approved, I really need a break from all these people in the resort area.

One thing I need time to do is to head right over to and
see if he has already been to the destinations and see how conditions were
at the time- what’s that? You say he has already been to all the destinations?

Well, that makes my research job a little easier now, doesn’t it? Winking smile

I tell you one thing for sure. I need to get the hell out of Dodge. I need to get
away from all the cretins talking about making turtle soup out at Ivanpah, and
the morons,idiots (sorry to insult those folks) jackass apologists for big solar and wind that seem to only be able to sing a one note tune- build,build,build
which seems like a poor imitation of Sarah Palin’s “drill,baby,drill.”

I am done with the city and its’ inhabitants- I need a break!