Sunday, April 3, 2011

Price of indifference and inaction by some with influence evident in photo’s at these links- the Ivanpah Valley is a goner.

I have said all I can say about the subject. The die is cast, the show’s on
the road, even if a federal judge was to stop the project at such a late date,
as anybody with a good eye and a modicum of intelligence and some knowledge of how long a desert can be scarred, all you have to do is look at these photos, some aerial, which represent about a third of the project, and
know deep down inside that this once virtually untouched site is done for.

I know it sounds defeatist, but at some point you got to face the reality, that the
damage done has crossed over the tipping point and has caused irreparable harm to the environment.

I mean just go over the sites linked below and look at the devastation
that man has caused to this magnificent land!

And of course the other potential sites in the immediate area are all going through the kangaroo court process now as you read this, with the forgone
conclusion that they will be built out already in the cards…..

Relax, you are not going to have to endure another rant. I don’t have it left
in me anymore. I said consistently from the very beginning that this was
they dithered and did nothing, now the Ivanpah Valley is supine, defenseless,
and being raped as never before by the industrialists…… and this is just the
beginning of the process.

It was made abundantly clear the other day in the piece at The Atlantic. The
article couldn’t have been more pro solar if John Woolard, BrightSource Energy’s bossman had dictated it to the writer. Laid out neatly, the industrialists
plan is there for anybody who can read or who cares enough to read it, to see
what’s coming down the pike soon to a wilderness dear to YOU.

I said it before and I am repeating it now- droves of ordinary folk, in their thousands upon thousands needed to come out as they did in Europe to stop this madness.

It didn’t happen and it won’t happen. Period. To my everlasting dismay. We all
have a part to play in these events, mine was to try to point out some of the things that I saw, based on my life experience, etc and to try to show how I thought things might unfold. They have unfolded even worse than I ever dreamed. The opponent is like the Energizer bunny and just keeps bulldozing
along, no matter the setbacks, it just keeps on coming.

I am not ashamed to admit that these photo’s here have done what nothing
else has managed to do to me so far, I am discouraged big time. Having hiked
the area a few times, I am aware of just how huge this plant site is, how ecologically rich it was, and drove up again not long ago to see the damage first hand, truly a depressing visit, but that didn’t rock me to my foundations
like the aerial photo did here.

When you take this disaster and add a couple more plant sites next to it and across the Ivanpah Valley and then add that high speed rail nearby, and then the inevitable roads, buildings, businesses, etc coming to service the area……

I don’t see how you can not come to the same conclusion that I have, without
massive citizen pressure and backlash, like as of yesterday, to stop these projects and others, Ivanpah and obviously the Mojave are goners.

Yes, if you want to see the Mojave relatively unscathed, you better drive up soon. Next time you drive to Vegas, stop off at some of the offramps you always passed by before, especially the ones from Barstow to stateline, because in just a few short years, you are not going to recognize the area.

And you can take that to the bank.