Thursday, April 21, 2011

A pro wind video which has lessons for those who oppose renewable energy in our desert wilderness.

This video is from a renewable energy trade group site on the web.

Now I know a lot of you have heard enough and are ready to move on, but I
strongly suggest that you watch this video, particularly any desert activists
that are visiting here.

Distributed power is an economic engine also!

This is a slick production and hits all the sweet spots. It is set in a rural area
and the “actors” are country folks, and this will resonate with the average Joe
out there, especially in rural counties such as Riverside or San Bernardino
where a lot of the dangerous giant solar and wind farms will be located. It
talks up economics helping out the local community, with the kids growing
up and getting jobs there, with the added benefit of their parents being close
to their grandchildren later. This is powerful stuff here, the sooner our side
comes up with something similar, the better.

I am actually amazed that First Solar or BrightSource Energy haven’t produced a similar video for their side. Let me just point out, for what it’s worth, if they do and we don’t counter it, we will be in the deep “voodoo” as they say.

Actually we should do it first, before they come up with one. Let the other side
play catch up for a change.

Our side has made great strides in getting the word out through efforts to educate the public, government agencies and employees, reaching out to
the mainstream media, circulating petitions, etcetera - all are excellent and seem to be producing results. But we are fighting an uphill struggle against opponents who are well heeled and do not not have any problems raising money, nor do they lack contacts amongst the propaganda organs media as the recent Atlantic article showed, nor do they lack for friends on Wall Street or in Washington. And if they produce a video like this for solar, without our countering  it, and if they play it on television as a commercial for example, our goose may be cooked.

From spending quite a lot of time in rural America as well as the cities, I think
I have a fair idea of what will motivate the average person, as I have said here many times, J-O-B-S.

The other side gets it, they talk about it every chance they get. This video
is chock full of it.

Another psychological ploy (and sales pitch) here is the “old something for nothing” approach. Why, shucks to hear these folks tell it, it ain’t gonna cost
a thing, why they barely had 2 nickels to rub together, and look at ‘em now!
No more going to see Mr. Banker once a year for a farm loan, no sirree! The
wind, thanks to the Good Lord himself, with the help of those nice people at
Siemens,  takes care of everything! Why we recommend this to any county in
the country! And did we tell you, it is green!

That’s what the average people are saying- in this video, and on Main Street,
and in the comments after one of the articles friendly to us come out. The article at the Desert Dispatch the other day about the BLM decision suspending construction at Ivanpah, had 4 comments, all against us and the tortoises. One even proposed making turtle soup out of all of them! That’s what the pro- wilderness side is up against. It is a fact. Unfortunately a lot of minds may be made up but a real good video talking up the J-O-B-S AND THE MONEY TO BE MADE by covering rooftops, etc with solar panels or other ideas along a similar vein,could go a long way toward making this a more level playing field, and possibly even start some more momentum from the public toward our view, to save the wilderness while at the same time, provide economic benefit for those needing it most, and not just for the fat cats who are rich enough already.

We have had some great videos out already talking up the need to save the ecosystem and the inhabitants but I fear it is not enough to counter the
other side’s arguments. When you factor in all the advantages held by the
other side; politicians and bureaucrats seemingly in their pockets, large main
stream environmental outfits seemingly in their pockets, mainstream media eating out of their hand, the list goes on and on, it just seems to me that we need all the help that we can get- we need something like this video here, but for the environment, showing rooftop solar’s benefits as well as saving the desert.

I know that one or two influential people and organizations have done this little blog the honor of visiting. I am asking, no I am begging, on behalf of Ivanpah and Blythe and Calico and Ridgecrest and Lucerne Valley, on behalf of wilderness everywhere that is slap dab in the middle of the renewable energy
land rush and slated for obliteration, maybe sooner than we think or dream is possible, if you have the contacts, please call them and ask them to think about doing something like this, perhaps you are a film maker, would you consider doing a project like this on behalf of the Mojave and other wild places? Or maybe you are extremely well off or perhaps you are on the board of a major enviro group that has not taken a stand on the issue here, would you consider taking the idea of a project like this to your board or helping with the costs?

Look folks, I ain’t gonna piss on you and tell you it’s raining, here. Time is truly of the essence now with this struggle to save the wilderness, and as the old saying goes back home, it is nut cutting time. Time to declare who you are with, time to make a stand. If you don’t or if you dither, more habitat is lost, more wilderness is lost, and we end up still stuck in the same old rut, with big power and big energy and big government calling all the shots, and with even more momentum behind them.

Wouldn’t it be nice for us to call a shot or two for once? We can if we just make our minds up and get involved, and actually care, and in the process make some money benefitting us, as well as helping the environment. Local power
made on local rooftops benefitting local people, close to home, saving money
and the wild places, to boot!

Let’s go for it.



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