Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A steadfast friend of the deserts could use some help right now.

Before I give out the link to his site, let me say a few words here.

The person I am writing about is in my opinion, about the best writer I have ever come across on the web, especially when he writes of the desert and wilderness. I wish I could write as well, I have tried to emulate but not with much success, but even so I feel that I am the better for it. When I want to transport myself to the desert while being here in the giant megalopolis that is Los Angeles/ the OC, I go to his site, as well as his previous site to experience the desert virtually through his prose.

I am making( unsolicited by him) a request for my readers, of whom there are a few true wilderness lovers and desert lovers,to go to the link that I will give at
the bottom and read the post that I am referring to, and consider making a donation as I have to help keep this site of his; this beacon shining the light of real environmental truth telling, open for business, open to keep spreading the good word and to keep up the good fight that he has waged on behalf of the deserts and its’ inhabitants- plants, animals, and people like you and me that either live there or care about it enough, to keep it free of these monstrously destructive renewable energy projects, that are being shoved down its’ throat- if you care at all about keeping the deserts wild and free for the generations to come--- then I am asking you to consider helping out also with a donation in order to help keep his wonderful site up.
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Alas, as you know, there is no dearth of writers for the other side, as the Atlantic article mentioned here recently proves, and no end of opponents and
money available to finance them- which is why it is critical that those on our
side help each other out when we are able to do so.

I thank you in advance for any and all help that you can offer at this time.

Here is the link:

Go here to visit the site.

Vaya con dios, my friends.




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