Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under no circumstances will I vote to re-elect this president.

This has been bugging me for a long time and what the hell, this is what
is good about blogging, you can stand up on the soapbox and let it fly, whether
anyone reads it or not, whether anybody gives a damn or not.

The decision was mostly influenced by this president’s and his administration’s
determination to sacrifice wilderness to fight the effects of global warming and/or climate change, whatever the talking point is at this current moment.

This issue has been repeatedly discussed on this blog and there is no need to
rehash it again for the umpteenth time.

However, other matters and broken promises weighed in the decision and I will
list just a few of them.

First, let me say that I am in no way naive enough to believe that this decision means anything to anybody, but it does feel good to get it off my chest
or as they say, confession is good for the soul.

Here are just of a few things I disagree with, each of which, alone, justify my decision:

breaking the promise to close Gitmo, and the decision to try some of the prisoners at Gitmo, instead of our federal court system which has worked fine for over 200 years

Getting into a 3rd war- what aren’t 2 wars enough to satisfy our Nobel Peace
Prize winning president?

our president turning out to be GWB the 3rd, republican light, in my opinion

setting up a deficit commission when no one was pushing for it, and packing it
with known enemies of social security and medicare like Simpson and others

not prosecuting a single torturer, not one, and promising not to prosecute

actions which have repeatedly sided with the rich and powerful, and against the
rest of us, including his most loyal supporters- some might call it “dissing them”

going along with the republicans in giving the rich another year of these tax cuts and not standing up for the poor and least amongst us, especially
the 99’ers, incredibly appointing Immelt , chief job outsourcer while at G.E. AS JOBS CZAR!

For these and many more reasons which I don’t remember at this moment, I
am saying as I did before on these pages, that I am so done with this president,
no way will I vote to keep him for another term, I say don’t let the door hit you in the assbehind on your way out, as you make your way to retirement and untold millions in speaking fees on behalf of your “real” constituency, Wall Street and the other fat cats!

Good bye and good riddance, President “O- Bomb- them.”


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