Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The first 7 videos I made at Ivanpah prior to the the start of construction are now up at Youtube and here.

The general plan is to either make a page on the blog where you can play the videos on this site, or I may just make a page of links. Or maybe I will post 4 or 5 a day here on the blog until they all are up.

I had a few problems with the blog some months ago and with youtube and the
videos mentioned on my trip reports no longer work. Unfortunately I made the posts using blogger software and am unable to go back in and make the videos work, hence this effort now.

And by the way, it is a major effort. The software used to convert them worked okay but the skies will look pixelated in some, but due to bandwidth I had to shrink them down. They still will be big files for a few of the videos.

Remember these videos are set in March of 2010, before they brought the earth movers and the woodchippers in; in other words before they started killing tortoises and masticating 800 year old yuccas instead of transplanting them like they promised to do.

In unit 1, that’s all changed. However, most of these videos are set in Ivanpah 2 and 3, returning readers are well aware that is the area that the feds have
stopped most construction until everyone receives their payoffs until more study
is done and the decision is made to allow the project to continue or not.

I am not sanguine about the long term prospects for Ivanpah 2 and 3 to remain safe from the bulldozers, but heh, I am the suspicious type, what can I say?

As I am writing this post, I checked on the status of my first upload and after about 11 minutes, it is about to be up and running on the site. The story on the
first one- while waiting in the Carls Jr drive through at Primm, about 3 miles or so from the solar site, I spotted some ravens there, and started filming and talking about how they go after the young desert tortoises, if my memory is right. Watch the video, which will be about the 1st of 52 which will be uploaded.
A process that may take a few days unfortunately due to my slow net connection with the world class Virgin Mobil usb dongle setup that I am using as we speak.

“That’s irony, folks!” as Foghorn Leghorn might say.

The first of 52 videos coming soon.

the 2nd of 52 videos coming soon.

the 3rd of 52 videos in the pipeline.

the 4th of 52 coming this way.

#5 of 52

6 of 52

7 of 52

Folks, I don’t get a cent from Google for using their youtube site,
it is just easier to upload to it. So if you are interested in these videos feel free to subscribe to my page there and you’ll be notified when I add more videos.
I am no film maker, just a person interested in the Ivanpah valley. In other words, although not that well shot, they may have  value to some, as they do show the area prior to the ecological catastrophe that has befallen this beautiful areaSad smile

If any interested parties would like the original and full sized avi video files, I will be happy to burn them to a dvd and forward them to you. It just might take a little time, that’s all.

That’s it, got to get back to the youtube upload page.