Monday, May 2, 2011

Interesting sight yesterday on Kelbaker Road where it runs into Route 66, tortoise mapping perhaps?

Right before the intersection, on the north side of Rt 66, I saw a couple of
minivans with one with the side doors open, and men wearing white shirts inside looking at some sort of computer screens. On top of both vehicles were some sort of antenna’s that were about 4 inches in diameter and about 4 feet tall mounted front to back about 4 feet apart, wires coming from them, on the roofs of the vehicles.

I thought that was strange, and I had no chance to grab my camera and take a

So I turned left and proceeded toward the junction with I 40 and the MNP. There were signs posted all the way up saying construction zone, 35 miles per hour speed limit, but there was no road construction activity going on whatsoever.

However, about where the calcium chloride mine is on the left side of that road,
what did I see heading toward me but 2 more of the vehicles traveling extremely
slowly, with the same antennae on top of their roofs. Again, I was unprepared to snap off a pic.

At the time, I immediately suspected that this was some sort of mapping or tracking operation related to renewable energy development in the area. As far
as I can remember, the desert area to the west of the road is not wilderness, that is on the east side of Kelbaker, the Trilobyte wilderness is over there.

I am having keyboard problems plus I can’t get the BLM Geocommunicator site to work properly so I can’t verify my data. If anyone reading this a)cares or b)is willing to help the cause- could you go this link and go up across the top and select place name:amboy, when that comes up click on amboy,california
and once the map comes up on the right side click on energy and 368 energy corridors, the area exactly is Kelbaker road north of route 66 on the left side going all the way to the freeway 40.

If anyone helps out please let the rest of us know via a comment, or you can email me at and I will pass the info on to my readers.

Today will be the first day of my Mojave National Preserve trip, destination still
undecided at this point, but I may very well decide to drive back down toward the “construction zone.”


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