Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photographs from Ivanpah SEGS yesterday

Very poor quality as had settings wrong on digicam, but to show the scale of
the project, they do the job.

050211mnptrip 002

photo taken from the Yates Well I-15 offramp looking at Bechtel’s facility.
050211mnptrip 003

BrightSource biologist busily tracking tortoises with his hand held antenna which looked like an old fashioned tv one.
050211mnptrip 006

Taken right by the side road that turned off to the area where the activists camped out,look how huge the buildings are.
The buildings are already a dominant feature of the valley visually as they can be seen for many miles.
050211mnptrip 007

Another view.
050211mnptrip 036

By the dirt road.
050211mnptrip 013

taken at the border of the mojave national preserve on colosseum mine road. the construction headquarters look
as large as the metamorphic hills!
050211mnptrip 025

uphill a mile or so from the site.
050211mnptrip 028
better view of bechtel’s construction site main area.
050211mnptrip 033

view of the construction lay down area by the metamorphic hill. this is a huge bladed and scraped area, once home to many
plant and animal species, an area i have hiked in.
050211mnptrip 043

another view of the bechtel main site.

I made a very poor decision to not bring my digital slr system because I
thought my little digicam would work. Unfortunately I didn’t think about
how shaky my hands might be the next day after a long day of driving,etc.
Next time I will not make the same mistake.

I had a roadside chat with someone involved in the tortoise count, and asked
them to check out this blog. I was asked if I opposed the project and I said


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