Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The schooling of this blogger. Dealer, cash me out.

It is plain to see that the struggle to save wilderness has moved into a different
arena- the politics and lobbying section of the stadium. The change of venue and tactics was inevitable and not only bound but had to happen. Such a change of course while anticipated by me, is something that I have no real experience with nor fills me with any great desire to participate, if such an opportunity came up.

I know for sure that there are some sharp folks out there who are now involved
in this phase of the struggle to save the last wilderness, with the skillset needed and required to get down and dirty in the corrupt cesspool that passes for politics these days in Sacramento and Washington- folks that I feel will be able to wash off the slime when they go home at night and not have it creep into their bones.

At least I hope so, as they are about the last hope for saving the remaining wilderness, not to add any more weight to the burden that they are carrying.

I am not going to rail for the umpteenth time against the same old cast of characters that have been spotlighted here before on the backporch. I am just saying that in my opinion the needed change will not come from those major environmental groups and individuals that sold out the Mojave, nor will it come from the geniuses in DC and Sacramento that having created this corrupt system, are now busily going after finishing off the remaining scraps of wilderness. Nor do I think that the people will gain enough desire for the knowledge of what is happening, to rise up and change their own profligate energy consumption ways, and to actually give a damn about what is going out there in their name and supposedly on their behalf.

I am pessimistic today, to say the least.

This blog started last January with no set goal except possibly one day to generate a small income from ads to supplement my retirement. It was envisioned to be about the desert, possibly with camping or trip reports,etc as well as photography and other writings. That failed to happen as I discovered
the Ivanpah situation and got involved in that struggle, which we all know has now become a “wait and see” scenario, with Ivanpah 1 construction ongoing and work on #’s 2 and 3 halted for a review on the desert tortoise situation. As
I have stated before, I am not sanguine on the long term prospects for that area. Going strictly by past performance, I have no doubt that this so called
green and environmental friendly administration will find a way to carry on with
the raping of the Mojave and Ivanpah. Actually I feel that you can take that to the bank.

So having seen that my part in this new step in the struggle is actually no part, it is time to move on to other areas, but I assure you that I will still keep an eye open for new developments, and will bring those to you readers, but the details of lobbying strategy etc have no interest to me, I will leave that to those better able to fight in that particular ring.

In this time it has been interesting, I feel that I have made a few good points, most of which either were never heard or seen, or fell on deaf ears; the material is all out there, a google site search or use of the search the backporch feature will take you to the information.

As I have stated here many, many times there are several places to go for the latest updates on the battle to save the wilderness, just look to the sites I follow to find several. The fine folks you will find there have been involved in matters like these for years, and have forgotten more about these issues than I will ever know, I thank them for welcoming me into the blogging world.

Being a bus driver for the tourism industry, you meet a lot of people. I can say one thing for sure, in my talks with some, I have discovered that some were quite interested in what happens out there and do care for wilderness- that fact alone assures me that there in fact may be hope for improvement in this struggle.

So I have been schooled and I am old enough to know when it is time to hold and when it is time to fold, and I am laying down my cards, deal me out of this new game.

This blog will go on, and focus upon whatever interests me at the moment and with desert issues discussed more than most other; who knows, maybe I’ll even take a camping trip and write about it here- we will see.