Saturday, May 21, 2011

The story behind a sign off Interstate 10 near Casino Morongo.

Some of you driving through the area may have seen a sign that says
”” You can read about it and see an actual photo
of the sign at this link. There is also a story over at the Inland Empire News
which is where I first read about this(I have seen the sign but never remembered to write down the link) here.

Here is a video from the landowner which talks about the controversy.

Mr. Fields had to disable comments on the youtube page due to personal threats received.

From my reading of the story and after watching the video, it sure appears that
his due process rights have been violated and fair use of his property is not being allowed, at the minimum. I know the exit you get off on and have driven up to and turned around before the guard shack in the past, never knowing the full story.

This is similar in a way to a property access issue at one of the proposed solar
”farms” near Newberry Springs- the Calico project which has been taken over by K- Road, a Goldman Sach’s protoge company.

Off Hector Mine Road, there is a dirt road which heads north and crosses over
I believe the BNSF rail line. There is a crossing there which was blocked for a
long time by barriers put up by the site promoters I think, for sure it blocked a
Mr. Jackson’s access to his property which was north of the tracks, and caused him to become an intervenor in the plant approval process with the CEC. That
property impediment ultimately was removed as I found out last year when I made a fieldtrip to the site and filmed this video.

Filmed using my video camera built into the Dell laptop.

So what is the connection here? None really except local landowners having
the use and enjoyment of their property removed or restricted by the moneyed interests, none more so than the first video where you can see not one- not two-
but 4 security guards and a deputy sheriff being called out to handle one elderly gentleman. Boy, if some of the desert activists showed up, they might have called for the SWAT Team!

This blog is about desert issues primarily and enjoyment of property owned out there surely is a desert issue. All over the southwest, it is about to become an even bigger issue now that so many areas are slated for renewable energy development, usually by big oil companies and the Wall Street crowd- you know the ones who brought us the Gulf Oil spill and the Wall Street easy money debacle that has almost brought the world’s economy to its’ knees.

Lots of issues, lots of uncovered ground to catch up on.

See you again on the backporch.


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