Monday, May 2, 2011

Video and photo’s from Ivanpah SEGS today.

These will be added a little at a time as I upload the video’s to Youtube

By the way, I am experiencing big keyboard problems on my laptop involving
the caps lock key and may be forced to using all lower case letters soon which
will make for funky looking posts.

Or should it be leading edge posts Winking smile


I will be uploading more videos+pics as the night progresses.
Sorry folks, wore out from all the activity today so no photographs tonight.
Fyi, today went to Ivanpah site, hiked at Wee Thump, rode down Walking box
ranch road a ways trying to make it to the castle peaks before giving up, drove up and hiked  to the vulcan mine on forshay pass road, and drove over to the kelso dunes before realizing how tired i was and not getting out of my car, and then had to drive back home after my plans had to change. see i have now seen my capslock key almost die completely, this may be a preview of a new
look for this blog. will do pics hopefully tomorrow.


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