Friday, May 6, 2011

An urgent appeal to help stop AB1214, sponsored by BrightSource Energy, which is on its’ way to the appropriations committee now.

This bill ostensibly written by Nancy Skinner D- Berkeley and sponsored by
BrightSource Energy
is on the slippery slope fast track process to becoming
law unless people start getting involved now! I just heard about this bill from
a source which for now will be kept confidential, let me just say, that I take the
news and advice extremely seriously- this just may be one of those moments
when you have to act.

The bill which will be linked to is supposed to streamline the transmission line
process somehow involving the ISO and the CPUC- that’s exactly what we need
right? Streamline the process a little more so that the BS’er’s of the world can
pave over the desert that much quicker.
1649 pm pacific time- off work and continuing this post.

Here is the url to the bill which I have uploaded to Scribd.
California Assembly Bill AB 1214-amended 04262011

Finally got this to work!Boy, the backporch is getting fancy!

From the document, here are the most important words in my opinion.

1103. (a)  (1)  In order to maximize benefits to the state of the
federal investment tax credit”

Did you catch that? Let me translate that into plain english, okay? “TO GET THE LARGEST WAD OF CASH THAT WE CAN GET FROM THE FEDS BEFORE THEY WAKE UP AND SEE HOW STUPID THEY ARE!” It don’t get any better than this for the state bureaucrats, they get to use OPM or other people’s money, in this case from the federal taxpayers, and they don’t even have to have a legislative battle to obtain it!

Trust me folks after all I do have a doctorate degree, a phd in fact, as in pile it
high and deep
, good thing too, because this so called streamlining the process bill is so full of BS that the smell of it makes your eyes water!

My esteemed readers, I ask you, have any of you heard of this bill, from the news or in the paper, or online even? I haven’t- first time was the alarming
email I got today. Quietly, sneakily, this power grab has come this close
(2 fingers sticking up about a millimeter apart) to getting through the assembly.
Did you see the 14 ayes and no nays to get it out of committee? This thing is
definitely flying like a rocket in Sacramento.

But the good news is- sometimes rockets have a way of crashing and burning, don’t they? We lovers of wilderness sure as hell better hope so
and fast!

Look some of you probably thought I had gone off the deep end with some of the things that I have predicted or had worked out as what was going on behind the scenes- but you can’t make this up. Let me lay a little bit out there for you one more time:

  • the renewable energy crowd- government bureaucrats, energy promoters,
    investment bankers, and some major environmentalcarbonmentalist groups
    all try to inject a sense of urgency- why even this document tries to convey that; after all, they don’t want to lose the free money the sapsfederal tax payers are putting up.You know speaking as a good old boy from back home in the piney woods of Georgia, they ain’t nothing so good that you can’t take time to think over and ponder, know what I mean, Vern?
  • the same deep thinkers above always toss out climate change or global
    warming as the bottom line and sometimes only justification for these
    billion dollar boondoggles- and as the reason we must sacrifice the least
    amongst us, and our last remaining wilderness- never mind that India
    and China are building coal fired plants like there is no tomorrow- “ve must
    sacrice for der homeland!”
  • when confronted with irrefutable evidence that the solution is to build rooftops and on degraded land closer in, the answer is a rephrasing of the points above along with the urgency factor again. Maybe it’s me, maybe I
    am just like an old Missouri mule, but you have to show me.

I believe that saying that some of these folks are motivated by greed and not green. When people won’t listen to reason, one of the deadly sins, as in greed, is usually why. I have definitely learned that in my 56 years, in spades!

Several of my posts this last year or so, echo the theme, what’s the hurry, as new technologies are being discovered or improved upon, daily it seems.
Why a scientist at MIT has just developed a new artificial leaf that is 8 or more times as productive as the ones on trees, using silicon to split water into hydrogen and oxygen to ultimately power fuel cells, they are talking about developing this for the 3rd world- hello, did you ever think that such technology might be welcome here in America, that is if we can get out from under the thumbs of big coal, big oil, the utility companies, and yes-
big wind and solar?

Here is what I am trying to get across to you and the pointy headed bureaucrats
running this country. There is a ton of new technology going on out there. Why
didn’t you ever stop and think about distributed power generation as the first step, get it started, and have some sort of Manhattan Project to develop some of these promising new technologies to take up the slack?The planet is not going to turn into a heat sink or ice cube tomorrow. Why do business as usual, destroying the environment like so many times before.

See, some of us have been around the block a time or two. We remember being told about how safe smoking was, and how that mild mannered atom
was the answer to all our needs, a panacea for all of mankind’s desires for never ending energy and resources- ask the folks near Chernobyl and
Fukushima how that turned out.

Now it is the same old lying two step, all over again. Let me tell you, when the
billion dollar corporations all jumped on that green bandwagon, I knew that the
bloom was off that particular rose. Now it is starting to stink up the place like a corpse flower!

Another thing folks, how many times have I told you that BrightSource is a worthy opponent, umpteen times I believe. We should have known when they hired John Bryson, the ex- utility big time player, that something was up. It was, and you want to guess who probably wrote this AB 1214? Anybody got a guess? At the least, he was heavily involved in the lobbying effort. This ability to bring a heavy hitter aboard like Bryson, is what separates the big boys from the rest of us. It means that we have to work that much smarter and harder, and we need to get ourselves out of that square box and think analytically and on many levels like our opponents are doing.

There is the old maxim- divide and conquer. It is so true, so true. And they are using it to kick our asses from stem to stern, from pillar to post, anyone about getting damn sick and tired of getting your ass kicked? I damn sure am. We gotta stop bringing knives to a gunfight.

There are a hell of a lot of smart people on their side and on ours. Their side
has access to all the levers of power, the only wildcard really is the court system and the people. Yes the people. I am just about filled with despair when
I think about the people. Sad to say, but I think they are starting to fall under the spell of the other side, who are talking(as I have said we should be) jobs-jobs-jobs-jobs-jobs-jobs- did I mention that they are talking j-o-b-s? That is all people can think about right now, the people are hurting, and I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the government reports say- who are you going to believe, what is happening to people you know, or their reports?

Somehow, that must be in our narrative. We need someone who can crystallize
our arguments into simple phrases, like soundbites, that are easy for folks to understand, kind of like what Peggy Noonan and Ed Rollins did for President Reagan, it worked for him and it can work for us, as well.

We need to do something different, try something new, FDR was willing to try anything to save this country, we should be willing to do the same on behalf of our sacred wilderness, and yes, I really mean sacred.

If you doubt me, go to the Ivanpah site and climb that sacred metamorphic hill as I and others did, and see if you don’t feel something move into your very soul as you gaze toward Clark Mountain; that area is still open to the public, and they haven’t developed Ivanpah 2 or 3 yet- or as others did, walk the area of the Blythe solar project and visit the intaglios and see if you don’t get a similar feeling; if you can’t visit, watch the videos on youtube or vimeo or my site.

Solar Gold: Corporate Mega Solar Invades Native Lands from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

Sacred Sites, still meaningful to indigenous communities such as the Chemehuevi of Southern California and other tribes, including large earth drawings known as geopglyphs, petroglyphs (rock drawings), and other ancient man made features. These features and the sacred landscapes of which they are a part. are under grave threat in the Mohave Desert.

This land is worth fighting for. It is filled with myriad plants and animals, unable
to defend themselves from human rapaciousness, only other humans of good will with steel in their souls can save them, if they so choose. Right now, their choice is to do nothing, they either don’t know or do know and really don’t care.

It has been said that a society is judged by how it treats the least members amongst it; if that is the criteria we will be judged by, we are going down.

I despair because I feel that my limitations  are not allowing me to communicate properly and concisely what I am feeling and thinking about this issue. All I can ask you is not to judge the wilderness and its’ inhabitants because of my problem with communication. Just think about what I have said with an open mind and heart, and do what you feel is best for you and your family, and the generations to come.

Vaya con dios, my friends.