Sunday, June 26, 2011

The city of Huntington Beach, California gets on the distributed power generation express! And not a single desert tortoise or endangered species will be harmed or made homeless!

This was seen today and yesterday by this blogger, while driving a trolley around the city of Huntington Beach, California- Surf City USA!

Another view.

From the backside.

They just finished the supports, haven’t installed the pv panels yet, which by the way are the “Suntech” brand if my memory is correct.

In the foreground, an unfinished shade support. In the background, one with the solar panels already installed but not yet hooked up.

Another view of an almost finished car shade structure, which sounds as good as any other name!

This is an example of proper solar siting!

Folks, to say I was thrilled to see this work being done is an understatement!
This is what I have wanted to see being done for a long, long time. I don’t have the details, I am too tired right now to investigate this further, but the pictures and video tell the tale.

As Shaun over at the Mojave Desert Blog said tonight in his post, the feds are starting to come around to rooftop solar- Lord, I hope so. I strongly suggest that
you surf right over to his site and read the latest, and while you are there, check out his other articles- he has been tirelessly following up on the desert
renewable energy issues among other things- there is great information there-
you have to check it out.

By the way, here is a news item from last year which bears directly upon the carports I photographed yesterday and today. Evidently this deal will end up
generating enough power between the three locations to power over 5,900 average homes!

Way to go, Surf City! Thank you for showing us a responsible way to generate our own local power and to help demonstrate the viability and good, old fashioned economics of home grown, distributed power generation on rooftops,
or in this case, carports!


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