Monday, June 13, 2011

Last nail hammered into the Ivanpah Valley cross, this blogger sincerely doubts there will be a resurrection.

The long awaited and anticipated biological report has been released by FWS
and acted upon immediately by the BLM which has lifted the suspension of
construction which it had imposed upon units 2 and 3, work having been allowed to continue upon unit 1 all along.

Of interest to readers possibly is that Western Watershed’s lawsuit against the project is still ongoing regardless.

This is all beside the point, of course. This fight is over.

The deserts and wilderness are about to all be hoisted up on the cross of so
called “green renewable energy.”
Take it to the bank, I have been wrong a
time or two, but not this time.

Despite the best attempts of some conservationists and others, the fight against these boondoggles never gained traction with most policy makers, nor the public at large. How could it, looking in hindsight, when insiders in government, industry, and environmental groups had already locked in the rules, making the outcome a slam dunk for them, and then, these same environmental groups, for example, did their very best to silence any and all dissent from within their ranks, many of whom opposed the sellout, but whose voices were ignored.

I have gone over this many times in the past, let me just say for those new surfing over to the backporch that names like Zichella and Wald can be searched on this site, if you need the details and don’t mind wallowing in the slime.

Let me put on my prediction hat, put myself out there for ridicule. Earlier I said this fight was over. Here is what will happen. Simply put, the court battle now is really about future energy projects in my opinion. I doubt there is a federal district judge in this country who would stop construction now, not with all the
forces of government and industry arrayed behind it. And if one did, I believe it
would be swiftly overturned on appeal. The other side has went to great care to line all their ducks up in a row, get all their permits and pieces of paper filed away in their little cubbyholes, all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s are all crossed. This project is going to be built out, no doubt about it, subject to little
changes they’ll toss out like bones to a dog, to preserve the image that it is a benign green project which will have a minimal impact upon the valley and its’
endangered species.

Then they’ll build out the proposed solar projects to the north of this one and across the valley and the dry lake bed, where two more will go up, ending ultimately in the complete and total industrialization of this end of the Ivanpah Valley, and of course sealing the tortoise’s doom in the future when this climate change is supposed to kick in; but after all, some have to sacrifice so that others can live in the style that they are used to, energy guzzlers that they are.

It goes without saying that the above predictions could absolutely be derailed if we encountered severe economic turbulence in the form of a severe recession or depression, so we could could keep our fingers crossed; at the rate our government is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, it might happen.

Folks, I got burned out on this a long time ago, once I figured out what was going to happen. Once I figured out the “fix was in and nothing that we could do would change the outcome” I quit blogging as much about it.

But I remember sounding the alarm from the very beginning, even though it was a pitifully small cry not heard by many, that the time to strike is before the opponent masses his forces, strike at a time of your choosing, instead of letting him complete his buildup, and then turn upon you.

The time for action and the course of action, should have been a large scale legal assault upon this project, by the major environmental and conservation groups, joined by others of like mind, before the first spade of dirt was dug--- remember what we are talking about here, unproven and money losing companies using uncertain technology, all in a dice throw against a beer soaked alley wall somewhere on skid row, hoping not to get snake eyes! With our government and our tax money acting as the house banker!

Perhaps a major legal brawl might have brought the government bureaucrats and policy makers to their senses in time to pull the plug on the projects, and take a real serious look at other alternatives like distributed power generation.
If nothing else, it would have mobilized the republican opposition in DC and state capitals to get involved, all working to kill the projects. This ain’t brain surgery folks, if a damned bus driver can figure this out, surely those rocket scientists over at the Sierra Club or the NRDC might have been able to, if they would just get out from behind their computer screens and venture out to the desert wilderness, and get connected with their inner conservationists!

But of course, now these groups have been exposed as frauds for all to see, so maybe some good will come from this. These groups don’t have a conservationist bone in their bodies, based on the evidence presented by their own conduct in this Ivanpah example. It sure seems to me that they will sellout any wilderness, let animal and plant species pay any price, even to the point of giving up their very existence upon this planet, so that these green groups can show the world how tough they are at stopping global warming and climate change. Whether it works or not, whether it is needed or not, we others
must sacrifice so that we can find out whether our climate models are right or not.

It is an absolute disgusting shame and an abomination that these sellouts are still running the show at their groups, but it’s ultimately the members who are responsible for their staying or going. My feeling is thanks to all the propaganda flowing down at them from the top, the members probably don’t even have a clue. One day when the wilderness is finally all built out, covered with turbines and solar panels,crisscrossed with service roads and other evidence of “civilization,”maybe then they will know what was perpetrated in their name, and on their behalf, by their so called visionary leaders.

This blogger is heartsick over this and as money permits, will keep visiting
remaining desert areas and writing about them, photographing them for others
to remember years from now, as in truth, some may not be around much longer.

Having visited the desert for years, I have seen the scars upon the land from mining, from homesteading, ranching, off-roading, etc but I am telling you-none of the above has had the long term effects that these gigantic mega solar and wind farms will have--- scraping away the vegetation, killing off the animals, sucking up the last remaining fossil water below in the aquifers below, it just seems that we humans are hell bent on fouling our own nests, and there may be no hope for stopping this behavior.

Sorry to be so negative, but sometimes you just have to call it as you see it.

The beautiful and verdant Ivanpah Valley is being crucified, the cross has been hoisted up, the dying is inevitable but will take some more excruciating pain to be endured first, and I don’t believe it will ever be resurrected.


A late night addition to this post 6/14/11:

Folks, I wrote this in a hurry as I was almost late for work. This has had parts reworked late this evening and I hope it will flow more smoothly.
Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain.
The message though is unchanged- I am sorry to be so negative, but nothing I have seen so far leads me to feel otherwise.
If you never have, or haven't visited a wilderness area lately, I ask you to do so quickly.
And ask yourself while you are walking through the pines, or hiking through the creosote bush, would it be the same if the land was covered with mirrors?
Can't we just leave those places alone for future generations to enjoy?
Is nothing sacred anymore, or is everything in this land for sale?

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