Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morongobill steps into a Carls Jr for breakfast, leaves a star.

The latter is definitely an exaggeration, but I did get roped into a spot in an
upcoming biscuit commercial. Or most likely my spot will be used as a lighting test for the real actors later.

It is true what they say about the camera adding a couple of pounds to the one photographed.

The Morongobill better head back up for a long, hot desert hike soon.


The film crew deep in artistic discussion.

Of course, it wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t have plenty of advice for the film crew. For example, suggesting that they open up the wrapper on the Carls Jr
biscuit; the Mcdonald’s one was open, and the decision being made by the
director to wrap both, and of course, I suggested that the Mcdonald’s biscuit
be sloppily wrapped- absolutely not, I am not telling, you will have to watch
the commercial to see what happened
- it was a fun experience, the film crew
was joking that I was a star Winking smile

You know this kind of stuff happens to me at least once a week!

Just kidding!

True story! The director came over and asked me if I would be interested in being in a commercial and told me the compensation was a $6 coupon or something, and I said let me show you something, I brought up my website and
asked him to have the camera zoom in on it; of course, he said they couldn’t do that as the client was Carls and we talked about the backporch a while, and
somehow ended up watching some of the television footage from the cross napping last year where I was interviewed.

I also talked with the guy holding the boom mike, the soundman, about how right after boot camp, I returned home to Georgia, and my junk car broke down in the middle of the busiest intersection in town, causing a monumental traffic jam, and a news crew showed up first, and I was attempting to direct them and got my suggested scene into the news report!

However, nobody believed me when I said watch me on the news tonight, except my 3 year old stepsister, who told everyone for days, you should have seen Sonny on television!

The soundman agreed that was a great story.

Folks, this was fun. I enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoyed it also. Now
you know some of my secrets, such as my nickname.

Until we next meet.


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