Friday, June 17, 2011

My reader’s analysis deserves a post of its’ own, here it is!

This is referring to my last post about the political ad that I saw on Truthdig,
go here to watch the ad and to read my initial post.

Here is what a reader of this blog who goes by the handle “southern geologist”
had to say about the ad and about this blog:

I lean primarily libertarian except when it comes to environmental issues and a couple of other things that I won't go into so I don't mind your postings despite our political disagreements here and there. (Apparently Eco-Libertarian is the closest description of my political philosophy, but I'm pretty strictly independent.)
In any case, this is certainly a powerful ad:
First off, there's the obvious emotional appeal. I've been informed more than once that I am a machine, heartless, what-have-you, and it affects me.
Second, it self-consciously attempts to invert the rhetoric frequently used by Democratic politicians that Republicans don't care about the common man, only want to support the rich, etc., which is an argument that has been mostly ignored (or simply screamed at) prior to this point. It strikes particularly hard at this point of contention by emphasizing single mothers and other sorts of people that Republicans allegedly do not care about. (I'm not saying Republicans do, in fact, care about them, just that the ad is intended to respond to the claim that they don't.)
Third, it directly focuses on how high the unemployment rate is, which is a deciding factor for many swing voters in a given election. Many don't know this but in the history of the US only one president has ever managed to be re-elected when unemployment numbers hit nine percent or above during his term - F.D.R. This is particularly clever when one keeps in mind that Romney has a reputation in the media as a moderate which will enter into swing voters minds when they consider whom they're going to vote for.
Fourth, it brilliantly applies a patriotic slogan 'Believe in America' but does so subtly rather than slapping you across the face with it. Patriotic and jingoistic slogans (and ideas) tend to come out in full force during hard times as people are always looking for some 'other' to blame for their country's problems when things get really bad. In recent years much more focus has been placed on unveiling this tactic by the left and encouraging people to not be tricked by slogans, or rather, to not be tricked by THAT slogan. The discussions on Republicans wanting to bring back McCarthyism come immediately to mind when I write this (not to say that some don't want to bring it back). If he was to simply have a ten second ad crying 'BELIEVE IN AMERICA, VOTE ROMNEY' it would fall squarely into the sights of those objections and possibly even be deemed a racist/birther ad. This ad manages to get the slogan into peoples' heads and avoid that mess by being more subtle. If his campaign manager is smart other ads will follow a similar tact.
In any case, thoughts? I want to see if we're coming from the same direction in regards to why this ad is so powerful.

June 17, 2011 8:24 AM

Now this is what the old Morongobill calls political analysis. I dare to say this is
a better argument(and more cogent)than most you see in the political blogosphere. Anywhere, anytime.

I agree with everything “southern geologist’ says here, and after reflecting over the ad overnight and the comment, I have a couple more thoughts, not in any order, just as they come to mind.

This ad is a great general election commercial, but this is early primary season. If the Romney campaign can put up an ad this good, this early, and if he gets the party nomination, Obama is in big trouble.

The flip side of the coin is that republican primary voters are notoriously conservative, especially amongst the born again folks, and I am not so sure that they’ll vote for Romney, period.

The fact above about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is correct, per my recollection, and allow me to be the first to say, “he ain’t no FDR.” I voted for the man, and earnestly hoped he would channel his inner FDR, instead he
channeled his inner Herbert Hoover, or was it J. Edgar?

I so wanted to not go here but I can’t help myself. This man, elected with such
hope for change, has delivered nothing but the continuation of the King George the Second policies. Why hasn’t he closed Gitmo as promised? Why haven’t the torturer’s been punished? Why haven’t we pulled our troops out?
Why the hell must we keep blowing up noncombatants all over the middle east,
and as a video showed that tore my heart clean out of my chest when I saw it and put it on these pages, we bombed little children. Have we no shame? Have we no decency left? How long can this keep going on? Don’t answer it, I am aware as any that we have a whole lot of bombs and missiles left, and plenty of will to use them.

This is going to end very badly folks, a lot of people are going to get killed before this is over, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the killing is done over here on this side of the ocean.

This is so unnecessary and pointless, we got our revenge long ago, for the sake of our republic, we must drop this empire business and concentrate on taking care of ourselves and the least amongst us, and grow up, quit the bullying and the killing, and bring our troops back home, where we could certainly make use of their skill sets, for example in rebuilding infrastructure, among other things- do it here, not half way around the world.

I surely agree that this economy is in dire straits, despite what the eggheads say. I remember telling everybody for years that there was a housing bubble, and that it would crash- look out below- lots of folks saw it, seems like everybody saw it but the big time financial and political types. Now these same folks are saying we are now in a recovery- who are you going to believe? Your
sense of falling further and further behind, or your lying television screen?

I do my own thinking, I don’t need the idiot box to tell me what to think, and neither do you. I don’t need somebody to tell me it’s raining, when I can see them pissing on my leg, neither do you.

Again, if you have thoughts about anything blogged about here, please
leave a comment. I know for a fact that I have a variety of different folks, from all over the world, dropping in from time to time, but most just read and leave.

My job here is not to preach to the choir, it is to discuss issues, and discuss goes both ways.

Thanks again to “Southern Geologist” for his absolutely spot on political analysis, and to the rest of you folks reading, I look forward to hearing from you as well.



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