Thursday, June 16, 2011

One of the best political ads that I have ever seen.

You folks know that I am a liberal in my politics, despite what might be seen as a negative, some of you visit here anyway, even though we may differ. I like to believe that I don’t honor too many sacred cows, and am not afraid to call a spade, a spade.

This political ad spotted over at Truthdig, about as liberal a site as you’ll find, is hard hitting and totally different from most political ads. It also has subtlety as well. This is no Willie Horton ad nor a little girl pulling flower petals off while a mushroom cloud ascends behind her; but in its’ own way, this ad may end up being as effective as those from bygone years.

And no, this is not a democratic ad- it’s a republican one- don’t surf away in disgust now, you must know your enemy before you attack him in my opinion.

Don’t get the wrong idea, this ad does not sway me, nor will it cause me to doubt my decision to not vote for B.O.’s re-election to the presidency, but I think it will have an effect upon many regular working people, not the intellectuals, who have been forgotten by our elite masters and the main stream media, and who feel that the president cares more for the bankers and others, than for them. These folks backs are against the wall and they feel no one gives a damn about them or their families.

Actually this blogger feels that way often as well.

Watch it and see if we  feel the same way and spot the same things.

This is a “must see” especially if you are a political junkie.

From the Mitt Romney campaign. I don’t see any ad topping this one.

Talk to me, like it or not. Let us know your thoughts, leave a comment for all to see. Put yourself out there.


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