Sunday, July 10, 2011

Black Dog

is what Winston Churchill called his lifelong bouts of depression, and is what is on my mind today.

Look folks, this is personal but I feel a need to tell somebody, so here it is.

This black dog has been hanging around me a lot lately, and is something I have suffered from for decades, with it coming and going. This latest bout is
more intense and longer lasting than usual, and I was starting to believe that it might never lift from me.

I know there are medicines for this condition, I have seen the ads on television, but always by just enduring, eventually it would lift and things would go back to normal.

One thing I believe triggers this within me, is a major change in my life. As previously mentioned here, I recently ended a relationship of about twenty years. I will not go into any detail, just accept that I believe this could be a trigger event.

This spell now seems to have been deeper and longer than usual, which may have contributed to this “writer’s block” that I have been experiencing lately.

I would also like to thank someone that I talked to today while doing my trolley run, about writer’s block and other matters; an interaction which got me thinking perhaps I should throw caution to the winds and post about this private malady, this black dog.

I do feel better now.


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