Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A modern term meaning f—ked up beyond all reason, or repair.

That is a sentiment I have been thinking about a lot lately.

I could start with myself as an example. Having recently seen a 20+ year
relationship end, I have felt discombobulated quite often lately, culminating
in a mini meltdown last night when I couldn’t back in and park my trolley
properly in our bus yard, mainly because of lighting issues coupled with bus stall lines needing repainting. Whatever, I was cussing like a sailor
after I finally gave up and left it there poorly placed.

Same thing for this blog, I have finally given in to writer’s block issues and
my general laziness; to the point that I was begging for guest posts in my last
entry- a fresh reading today confirmed the desperation there that I ignored when I made the post. Fine, I am leaving it up as a reminder to me of my failure.

And speaking of this blog and others; one that has really impressed me is a new one on my sidebar, the one with Vespa in the title. This guy is an accomplished photographer as a look at the pictures will reveal, and a good writer. His blog is one of the things that has awakened an interest in riding bikes again, in particular scooters, but I will get a big Japanese one like the Yamaha or Honda, etc thank you. I look forward to hopping on one and taking off for the desert or mountains, as soon as possible.

I may have mentioned that I am down to a couple of payments left on the Morongomobile, and the rehabilitation of my credit rating finally. We will see how it goes, and what I end up with. Having just found a site online that deals with a 17,000 mile journey via moped, anything is possible.

Just kidding on that last, being an ounce or two overweight, that might kill any such vehicle if I rode it for any length of time, like that.

Today is a case in point, my Saturday actually. Hot and thundershowers out in Whitewater and Morongo Valley, where I might have gone, or I could have driven up to the mountains, maybe to the Gorgonio area. My car has a possible transmission leak situation, so I didn’t feel comfortable making the drive; with a 650 scooter, I would have been gone, no doubt about it!

Fubar, all indications are that applies quite nicely to our economic and political situation as well. Just my opinion, and I am not in the mood to rehash my thoughts on the issue right now. But I feel it sums up mine and a lot of other folks thoughts, both are f—ked up beyond all hope of repair.

Some might even say that applies to the situation our deserts face also, facing
pressure for renewable energy development, egged on by our so called “servants of the people” or otherwise known as the faceless, soul-less bureaucrats.

Fubar- sure applies to our relationships with other governments and peoples throughout the world as well. What are we at now, 6 or 7 countries that we are doing our best to “drone bomb” back into the stone age? Yes, that sure is the
way to make friends and influence people, isn’t it?

Anyway, Happy FUBAR day, everybody.


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