Saturday, July 30, 2011

My encounter with naval security and Navy Week Los Angeles 2011.

Yes that is the aircraft carrier, U.S.S.Abraham Lincoln in the background.

At the time, I was running a “liberty” shuttle, taking off duty navy personnel
to Long Beach from where the “boat” was docked in San Pedro.

Later that night, I was one of several buses taking people to a dinner and
reception held at the carrier.

Security was extremely tight with a dog sniffing the buses, and many, automatic
weapon and sidearm wearing, men and women who may have been SEALS around.

As each bus was stopped, there were instructions given for the passengers not
to photograph the “mount.”

I didn’t get it until I noticed the SEAL lying on his belly on the bed of a truck very nearby, with a tripod mounted machine gun aimed right at us, and with a finger dangerously close to the trigger.

That sure got everybody’s attention.

All in all, an interesting day’s work. This was part of the Navy Week Los Angeles 2011 festivities.


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