Friday, July 22, 2011

New blog up, old one in hiatus, a new direction, no more changes.

First, let me say that I just don’t have the patience sometimes for the boring,
nuts and bolts, background work required to have multiple blogs- as it pertains to site design, coding, etc.

So rather than fight with the musings site trying to change its’ look, I have put
it in the deep freeze.

New site up, in line with my previous post, and I hope it will be an open source
with lots of reader submissions of photo’s, video’s, trip reports, etc. Here is the link to my new blog, where desert related posts will go from now on.

Save the Mojave Desert!

This blog, the backporch, will be for all else.

This makes more sense as the new blog name is desert related.

My apologies for all my confusion, currently there are no posts up at the new site and it is rudimmentary at best, like this site, but hopefully I can get my you know what together soon.


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