Friday, July 22, 2011

The political elite in DC fiddle, while the rest of us “do the slow burn.”

Except these aren’t musicians and it isn’t entertainment, if you are a little down on your luck; say a jobless 99’er or a senior who depends on social security and medicare. This “performance”is a preview of even harder times to come.

For a lot of people, life is about to become even more brutish and shorter, as if they didn’t have enough problems already.

Heh you liberals out there( or maybe you call yourself a progressive), what do you think of your president now? Did you hear the firmness in his tone of voice this afternoon as he talked about ordering the leaders of the Congress back to the White House at 1100 tomorrow? Oooooooooiiiieeeee! I bet some of you think at long last he has grown a pair, I say don’t count on it.

He still sounds like the “schoolmarm” to me, they talked tough too. Except he can’t rap any of the congressional leadership’s knuckles with a ruler like a “schoolmarm” could. Social studies 101 lesson- Congress is a co-equal branch of government with the exclusive power of the purse, the president might be better served if one of his adviser’s would remind him of this fact.

You know I had an interesting conversation with a friend who is as rightwing as you get today, and for once we were in total agreement, Obama has to go. We
got to this via different routes and from different viewpoints, and I can’t help but wonder if talking heads and pundits, those who opine on politics for their living, those so called opinion makers; if they aren’t starting to come to the same idea.

The reasons for my feeling this way have been aired here many times, I will only say now that for his putting social security and medicare on the table, from the very beginning without being asked or being forced to do so by the opposition, just for that reason alone, that horrible negotiating position, shows either a real lack of judgment, or more likely, an affinity and agreement with the republican position on entitlements- he even has taken ownership of that most republican of words- entitlement.

Note to the president- it isn’t an entitlement when you paid for it. You got that?

I really don’t remember the specifics of what my friend said, I guess because I was so shocked that we were in agreement. But I am getting very worried about the mind set that seems to be taking over in Washington these days.
All you hear is cut the deficit from the political and financial classes, parasites upon the body politic if ever there were any, when the American public is overwhelming concerned about J-O-B-S AND NOT JOINING THE RANKS OF THE U-N-E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-D!

That’s a hell of a giant disconnect there, wouldn’t you say? But it doesn’t matter,the hacks have to earn all those big corporate bucks they are raking in for their next election. And all those talking heads from the corporate funded think tanks have to carry the water for corporate “massa” as well. It sure is a disgusting spectacle, kind of like watching big, fat pigs scarfing down the slop.
Absolutely sickening.

So I am prepared to go on record and say that this music recital is about to reach the final act. In my opinion, the elites that run this land, are not interested in having this nation’s credit downgraded at this exact moment. You see it costs big bucks to field armies half way around the world, to equip them, to supply them- money they get cheaply now from the foreigners, so we can wage war on the cheap, in the sense that we the people are not paying for the wars with our taxes, or in other words the rich aren’t being fairly taxed at historical wartime rates such as in WW2; they’d be idiots to bring the gravy train to a screeching halt right now, there’s too much money for them to make!

This juggling act will all come to an end if we either default, or get our credit rating downgraded. The precious rich might even be forced to pay more taxes if the worst happened, or pay higher interest rates, as all interest rates in this country are based upon the rates our treasury pays to borrow- the foundation of our whole system of credit, in other words.

But fear not, ye apologists for the elites, fear not. Because as sure as I am that the sun will rise in the morning, I believe a “grand deal” is in fact in the works. As sure as shooting, our so called liberal president and his “gang of six” are working the machinations behind the scene, pulling the strings, and I believe they will go way more than half way toward the republican position.

We working folks, the ones who actually labor for our bread, and don’t clip bond coupons, are about to be screwed as never before. The seniors and the unemployed, the students, minorities, we are all about to get the fiscal raping of a lifetime.

Let’s just see what happens over the next week or so. Again, it is the same old, same old. Take a complicated problem, allow the lobbyists unfettered access and even to write the bill, have a fake debate, have the president and others stand up and talk about shared sacrifice required of us, and after the camera strobe lights turn off, start high fiving each other before they head off to another rubber chicken dinner.

What corrupt hypocrites. I hope they choke on the deal!

In the old days of the 60’s and 70’s we would hear howls of outrage, but not now, folks are glued to their boob tubes watching the latest Lindsay Lohan escapade or some other garbage as the whole country heads even farther down the shit tubes…..

We are f---ing screwed and don’t even know it.

Work hard fellow lemmings, we are about to be called on for major sacrificing!


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