Saturday, July 16, 2011

So Bill Gates thinks rooftop solar is “cute?” Does anybody here think it’s “cute” that he feels nuclear and big desert solar plants are the answer?

First a quote by Bill Gates from the interview:

“If you’re interested in cuteness, the stuff in the home is the place to go. If you’re interested in solving the world’s energy problems, it’s things like big [solar projects] in the desert.”

Don’t take my word for it. And by the way, I just received my July and August issues of Wired magazine on the same day; this is from the July issue. Here are a few links to check out what I am telling you.,2817,2384820,00.asp

Solar & Energy Efficiency are "Cute" But Not the Answer, Bill Gates Says. Nuclear Power Is.

I strongly suggest that you read the last link first for context. You will find out that Gates and/or his company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in nuclear power and especially in a startup nuclear power company there in his home state of Washington.

I sure wish now that I didn’t toss out my Wired mag with the interview in it after
finishing it Sad smile. The pages are good material you need for a visit to the outhouse.Winking smile

Without whipping the horse to death, let me see if I understand this.

One of the world’s richest men who led a top down company which became a monopoly in the computer software business, almost, and who has close business ties with nuclear power plant companies due to his huge investments in the same, is telling us that home based renewable energy or any rooftop solar for that matter, is “cute” and not a real solution?
Am I getting that right?

Hmmmm- Microsoft top down and anti- open source + electric utility companies which are top down, their way or the highway, definitely not open source by no means= serious energy solutions providing you get with the program and let them have their way with the deserts. That = good energy policy in their view.
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You think any of the denizens of the desert could find any food anywhere in the scene in the photo above? Neither do I.

This blog and others, such as Solar Done Right have suggested that home grown power, and yes I do think that solar panels on a rooftop are cute;
solar arrays covering home and commercial rooftops and carports, etc as well as building out brown areas and other junk land with wind and solar, is the appropriate and correct way to start the process of getting out of the fossil fuel
habit- an opinion shared by groups such as the Wildlands Conservancy among
others- but of course, our small and admittedly pauperish voices are drowned out by the megaphone that the THIRTY SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN can bring to bear. No problem getting heard by the media and average people when you are the THIRTY SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN!

Above is the 36 BILLION DOLLAR MAN

By the way, if I didn’t make it clear; to me, distributed power generation is one of the ultimate expressions of open source solutions. With solar panels on your house roof or your business roof, you now don’t have to take what the monopoly chooses to offer you- you can tell the utility to stick it where the photons don’t shine.

Perhaps Mr. Microsoft, Mr. anti-open source, Mr. Pro nuclear just doesn’t get it.

Mr. Gates, feel free to email me for a private explanation. Being so well off and used to getting things your own way, you might find it instructive to hear what I or others might have to say on this matter.

That’s all folks, it might not be “cute” but it is heartfelt and true to the best of my understanding.

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