Monday, July 11, 2011

Visit to the Whitewater Canyon Preserve in June 2011.

This will not be a trip report in the normal sense, but a video and photographic
report, the only writing will be the captions under the pictures.

The Whitewater Canyon Preserve is owned and maintained by the Wildlands Conservancy, a giant in the environmental and wilderness preservation field.
For full background information, please visit their wonderful site here.

Having said all of the above, please look at the following photograph, what stands out? Hint, the Wildlands Conservancy definitely puts their money where their mouth is.
060111whitewaterpreserve 006

Yes a perfect example of local, home grown, distributed power generation. When I saw that I almost fell down into
the trout pond!060111whitewaterpreserve 022

My friend and fellow blogger, Lee Murray busily snapping photos while the solar array in the background busily captures PHOTONS!
Lee Murray's blog
060111whitewaterpreserve 007

Above is the garage for the ranger’s house set at the base of the high canyon wall, across from the trout pond.

Before I forget it, the BLM has closed Whitewater Canyon due to fire hazard, but the road is open to the preserve and the preserve is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and as you will see, definitely worth a visit. Take the children and a picnic basket, there are tons of picnic tables available.
060111whitewaterpreserve 032

060111whitewaterpreserve 015

The bluffs behind this tree line the canyon forming an awesome backdrop to the trout farm and headquarters building,
plus are home to bighorn sheep which are seen from time to time atop the bluffs. You must see this in person to fully
appreciate the view.
060111whitewaterpreserve 014

One of several boulders with inspirational messages carved into the rock, in this case from a REAL wilderness activist.
060111whitewaterpreserve 028

Above the trailhead toward the mountains and the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail.
060111whitewaterpreserve 029

Looking toward the headquarters building. On this day, a cooling breeze blew long and hard across the pond here.
060111whitewaterpreserve 030

What a wonderful and inspiring quote from Emerson above.
060111whitewaterpreserve 031

Yes that sign by the door does say a black bear was sighted nearby. Inside this building is a huge table top 3D map of the
area including Big Bear. Map is the wrong word, a huge table top model of all the mountain ranges, etc.
060111whitewaterpreserve 036

The view of the back side of the headquarters building, yes the stream goes right under the building.
060111whitewaterpreserve 050

A great quote from Thoreau on a boulder looking across the trout pond toward the main building.
060111whitewaterpreserve 058

I must confess that I really like this lucky shot, the best one of the bunch!
060111whitewaterpreserve 052

Break out the fishing rod and the frying pan, boys! Just kidding!
060111whitewaterpreserve 065

This ancient cottonwood was one of the largest that I have ever seen in my life. That’s Mount San Jacinto shining in the background.
This short 14 second video shows my effect upon the local trout population.

14 seconds long and who nows how many trout?

This video shows the scenic beauty as you walk past the rushing water to arrive at one of the trout pools.

A scenic walk at Whitewater.

The scene as I say goodbye to this beautiful area with birds singing away and the sound of rushing,running water.

You got to come see this place!

Once again, I leave you and hope that one day in the not too distant future,
that you also will be able to visit here in southern California, and that you will
go against and away from the crowds and visit sites like Whitewater Canyon
or Big Morongo Canyon; far from the madding crowds and at one with nature,
as we were all meant to be.

Thank you for visiting here and as always, your comments are welcome here on the backporch.


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