Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watch this video to see how a man got a $300,000 home for under $20 bucks- Let’s move to Texas.

This came to my attention courtesy of one of my blogs that I follow, read it
here. I recommend you check out the site, African American Pundit.

You too could have paid $16 bucks for this house- who knew?

At the least, this man should be given an award for singlehandedly finding the
solution for this nation’s severe homeless population. If I was homeless, I’d be saying to myself, why stay in this smelly shelter when I could be living in a foreclosed mansion somewhere. Wait, this is a Texas law he used, so maybe he only is solving that states’ homeless problem.

It was fascinating to see how up in arms the neighbors were, and how threatened they seemed to feel, by this man’s presence in the neighborhood. Of course, if I was on the hook for a 3,000$ a month mortgage payment for the next 30 years and a dude moved in next door with only a $16.00 total payment,
I’d be pissed off too, but maybe more at myself for not figuring out the deal first.

Take this to the bank. The midnight oil is being burnt in the state capital over this, to change this law so that it doesn’t happen again. This is a body blow to the whole housing industrial complex- my prediction is that action to change the law is probably in motion right now.

You know it isn’t this man’s fault that Texas law exists allowing the practice some would say is just old fashioned “squatting.” It isn’t his fault or our fault, that our government allowed a housing bubble to develop, or that Wall Street
set the whole thing in motion; it isn’t his fault that to this day, nothing has been done except toss more of our hard earned treasure at the ones who caused the problem, the bankers. And hardly anyone has been brought to justice, the
power structure has moved on, they don’t care.

So I say, instead of being jealous and castigating this man, we should praise him for having the courage to take a chance and go for it. What he did is evidently legal in the state of Texas, for now, might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

I think he deserves a medal, what do you think?


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