Friday, August 19, 2011

Big public comment hearing Wednesday 08/31 at stateline for new HUGE solar farm going in next door to Ivanpah SEGS.

To be held 1800-2100, that’s 6-9 pm, at the Primm Country Club, so bring your golf clubs- you might need them to fight off the BrightSource First Solar media handlers.

Just kidding, folks.

Late addition here folks. You will great a great view of your tax dollars at work as you drive by the many miles long Ivanpah SEGS project as you come down the hill from Nipton Road, it will be on your left- you can’t miss it.

Take Interstate 15 from California or from Nevada and exit at Yates Well Road.
You can’t get get lost as it is the closest exit inside California to the state line and you can’t miss the golf course complex sitting by the side of the road next to the dry lake bed.

Why did I just flash back to an email I received during the Clinton Years entitled
”Severe Weather Alert” and warning of possible damage to the Clinton Presidential Library, portrayed by a dilapidated singlewide house trailer on blocks in the middle of the road with a funnel cloud nearby----- the Morongobill
is losing it folks.

So if you are losing patience with the way your state and federal governments are handling the management of your Mojave Desert, this is your chance to finally get it off your chest!

The official BLM press release here.

The project "facts" page.

Here is a “from a distance” photo showing the golf course and proposed area of this solar boondoggle farm.
ivanpahfieldtrip 011

Oops! Wrong photo, although it does capture succinctly my feelings regarding an additional new solar “farm” coming to the Ivanpah Valley.
091410ivanpahsegs 011

Sorry, I guess I don’t have a golf course photo. The golf course country club and Yates Well road are a couple of miles into the above picture.

I know nobody really gives a damn about my intentions, so I will tell you anyway. I am going to try to be there. Note to First Solar and the “pointy headed bureaucrats, here is my photograph that you can pass out to security, so that they can give me the warm welcome that I am sure that they would like to extend to a blogger of my exalted lowly status.
archivecd18 003

Dang it, I messed up again!
bigmorongocanyonhike 001

In this photo, it is plain to all that I possibly might be an ounce or two overweight. Photo taken by my friend
Randy Partlow at the Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve in 2010.

New visitors coming by, that haven’t been scared off by now, might wonder
what my opinion of this new solar “farm” might be. To paraphrase a great
sportsman when asked about another team’s star slugger’s performance that night against his team- I think it’s f---ing horseshit, what do think I feel about it?

At the risk of re-fighting a losing(so far anyway) battle, here are the dangers facing the Ivanpah Valley right now, and just in this area alone.

  • Ivanpah SEGS construction ongoing and on schedule.
  • this project will be another 3 1/2 square miles of prime, pristine desert
    ecosystem and habitat run through the masticator transplanter.
  • across the valley, on the other side of the dry Ivanpah Lake bed will be 2 more giant solar farms, to be built out soon.
  • also over on that side, will at some point be another giant rare earths mine
  • and don’t forget the LAS Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress train which will
    cutting through the desert and the Mojave National Preserve at some point in the not too distant future.
  • dear me, I almost forgot the giant Ivanpah airport which although on hold now due to financing issues, I am quite positive will end up being built in the next decade or so.

I stand by my opinion- these projects are just so much horseshit, tossed against the wall like spaghetti to see if any will stick, with the once pristine
Ivanpah Valley about to be industrialized as never before, and with very few people giving a rat’s ass about it.

Maybe I’ll see some of you out there. Maybe we’ll lift an ice cold Arnold Palmer in commiseration with the supine, and raped Ivanpah Valley, or toss the cans at the Man we’ll head over to a nearby casino bar and drown our sorrows…..