Thursday, August 25, 2011

A change of plans. I am passing on the Stateline meeting next week for another destination, one also in danger.

Recently I posted about possibly attending the public comment hearing
for the First Solar project to be built next door to the Ivanpah SEGS site.
You can read that post here. The meeting begins at 6 pm sharp next Wednesday, 8/31/2011 out at the stateline area.

I was planning to attend and to try to speak, but have decided to not go
after all.

Here is why. This is a 227 mile, one way, ride and will roughly cost about
$60 in gas alone. The morongomobile is not air conditioned. But the main
thing is, been there, done that- I spoke at the DRECP hearing in Ontario-
what did it accomplish? Nothing is what it accomplished.

No, I think if I am going to ride anywhere in the heat, and spend that kind of
money, I want to go somewhere that I haven’t been, and to a place of great
scenic beauty and of critical environmental concern that also is under the
crosshairs of the solar industrialists, and I have decided to travel to the
Carrizo Plain area of California, sooner rather than later, to see it in its’ natural
unspoiled state, before it is ruined by this rampant solar boondoggle express
that is barreling its’ way toward it.

View of the Carrizo Plain, in my opinion, this should be considered one of God’s Cathedrals.

I have never visited this area and am very excited about going. The plan
will be to take plenty of pictures, do some exploration, to get a feel for the
place, something I really can’t get from a computer screen. For sure, I will
visit the Carrizo Plain National Monument, I don’t know if I will be able to
go to the proposed solar sites or not- on the first visit.

So stay tuned, a trip report will follow soon after the trip is made, tentatively
scheduled the first half of September.

As far as the comment hearing next Wednesday, I am going to look into whether they will be taking written or emailed comments, or perhaps they may have the possibility of calling in, as they did at the DRECP hearing I went to.
Perhaps I may get my 2 cents in after all.



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